Your King goes on vacation!

Yeah, during the whole of August I’m out of here for 4 weeks. And even though I absolutely WILL continue mixing “ABOMINATIONS OF THE AGELESS” with hero Dan Swanö during this time, mixing will not be my priority. My wife and general awesomeness takes that spot. Swanö will of course work his magic in the meantime.

When August is over, though, you’ll definitely be updated on where we are at with this coming masterpiece. There might be a small heads-up before then, most likely on the TPH Instagram page, but do not count on it.

The last few weeks have been spent perfecting the first 2 tracks, and as mentioned previously; those 2 are 99% done now! 4 more to go.

I’ll make this clear; this 15th album will come in 2023 but I will absolutely not rush this last part of the process just to get it done. This one is too important to me. All TPH albums are, but this one is even more so for specific reasons.

Just sit back, wait and let me and Dan do our work. This is turning out phenomenal. Trust me, and thanx for your invaluable support and your patience.

In other news, if you missed out on the album I dropped some weeks ago, “UNSPEAKABLE BUTCHERY”, under the moniker ABSURDEITY (featuring the mighty Jörgen Sandström)…

Well, it is available on Spotify and all other streaming services any second now! Just search for it and it’ll be popping up. If not today, probably tomorrow or the day after. Enjoy that and let it be known that I’ve already written half of the next one! Yes, I do this when my ears need a breather from the gigantic workload that is mixing TPH. There’s no timeline whatsoever for ABSURDEITY. It happens when it happens and TPH is obviously my heart and soul, so…

Anyways, if you’re unfamiliar with ABSURDEITY, here are all the links you need to educate yourselves:


That’s all for now.

Take great care and we’ll talk eventually!

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