Wanna have an update?

Well, then you’ll have it. It seems like both J and Ruby will resume their vocals next week, meaning we are moving forward again. Not that we ever came to a halt, but hey, you know what I mean. Over the last few days I have been very inspired and have been working some more guitars into the tunes, spicing things up even more than before. It truly is a joy to work with this album and the reason we are taking this very slowly is becoz we will perfect it and we are in no rush since we don’t care about labels now – meaning there are no deadlines for us to follow. None but our own. I spent this entire morning checking out the, so far, completed vocals and damn – they sound absolutely killer. J is once again outdoing himself and everyone else, and so is Ruby. As mentioned before, it really is an honour to be able to work with these people. J and Ruby’s also video taped some of their stuff from the studio as usual, so if I find the time I will fire up some excellent videos eventually. Don’t count on it though, but I’ll try.

Hang in there and follow the process of the recording and the signs. And don’t forget to donate to our cause if you give a shit.

Posted by Lord K Philipson, August 30th, 2012 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.