Wanna see some of the shit I have to deal with every day?

We just released “The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda” thanx to you, the loyal Haters. As I have stated so many times before – this album wouldn’t have seen the god-forsaken light of day if it weren’t for you. For a week we have had the offer for people to donate whatever amount they think the album is worth and they will get it from us. That’s well over 2 hours of music (one full album and one instrumental version, complete with booklet and everything you can think of). 90% of the approximately 40 donations that have come in after the release have been 1, 2 and 5 dollar donations. Seriously. Each and every one of those who donated got the album, as promised. Today we set a fixed price for the download of this brilliant piece of audio carnage. 15 Euros. That’s a very, very reasonable price for this latest effort. But it’s not about making money and get filthy rich or anything. No, it’s becoz 15 Euros is a reasonable price to pay for an album.

One of the reasons we set a fixed price for “TCRA” is becoz of multiple assholes going by the collective name of Judas. You know this kind of people. You should also loathe them. I have to deal with them each and every day in some form. Let me give you an example since various Haters have informed me about this today, both in e-mails and over at our forums.

Over at LastFM there’s this one idiot who’s spammed each and every one who has bought the album or donated to the Donation Experiment, begging for a copy. This piece of shit’s also used Google Translate to speak to people in their own native tongue. Here’s a picture of the PM’s he’s been sending out:

This clownshoe of gigantic proportions deserved a reply on the forums of TPH, a nicely put reply:

“I do not care if you live in Russia with a “poor salary”. Be a fucken man and save up some money and pay for our creation. You are Judas in the making and I wish nothing but utter suffering upon you, asshole. Fuck you, cunt.”

That is exactly how I feel about it. This is Judas. This guy gives zero shits about helping out the band. He just wants the music for free, and people who have replied to him over at LastFM have told him to respect the band’s work and none of them will give him the album. Then this full-on dick states:

It’s not surprising. Only, now he won’t be able to buy it for 1 Euro and “let it on the internet”. He’ll have to pay 15 Euros, and that has to hurt. So, buy it, spread it on the Internet as that is your number 1 goal, obviously. We can’t stop you. We can’t stop you from being a fucken complete asshole with no insight of what you are doing. So, MOTARD666… Fuck you and enjoy your life as Judas. Your day will come… And it shall be glorious.

But it doesn’t end there. Over the last week I have gotten numerous of other e-mails (apart from the ones from the genuine Haters, mails that are highly, highly appreciated) and today I had it with that. Just read this one, from some fucko named Tarek Nasri using tarek.n@outlook.com as the e-mail address. And yes, I post this shit for a reason.

“Hi my name is tarek and I’m 21
I’ve been a TPH fan for 5 years now
the problem is that i live in syria and i have no way i can purchase this album and i have no intention of selling it or trading it in any way
but i would really like if you could give me a link to get the album which i can’t wait to listen to.

Hails From Syria”

You HAVE to be fucken kidding me. Please tell me it’s a fucken joke… This is not the first e-mail of this kind, but I hope it’s the last. Let me make this clear, Tarek… You have been a fan for 5 years? Exactly how many physical albums by us do you own? None? How surprising. You downloaded them from the Internet? Thought so. You would “really like” if I gave you the link so you can download “TCRA”? I bet you would, idiot. Man the fuck up, respect the work we have put into “TCRA” and BUY the fucken thing. You can obviously afford an Internet connection, so… Fuck you for even asking about this. You are scum.

When this fucken tool was informed he wouldn’t get it for free, in my usual well-mannered tone, this is what we get back:

“i said that with heart but you have ahown what you are made of which is nothing and any band that respect thier self should knwo that you can’t raise money by asking people for money like crack whores”

Remember… this guy is a “fan”… I seriously hope he is a dead “fan” very soon.

On to other things… The fact that “TCRA” has been released over a week ago and none of you Haters have leaked it yet puts a smile on my face and restores my faith in mankind a bit. Of course it will leak eventually, everything does, but to see the support from you guys is tremendous. And I thank you for it.

So, let’s make this clear again: do not write us an e-mail about your shitty economical situation and ask us to give you the album becoz you are a “fan”. If you are a fan, you buy the fucken thing. If not, you are Judas. We are asking for 15 Euros. FIFTEEN. For 2 years of work. If you consider that an unreasonable amount of money, perhaps you should start writing and releasing music by yourself, for free.

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