Welcome drummer Mojjo to the family of Hate!

So, after 4 studio albums of using programmings it was time to bring in some new flesh extra ordinaire to the Hate. Drummer Mojjo (also playing with bassist Michael in Engel) was asked to do drums for the coming album and, well… the drums are completed. We have never seen anyone work so hard in a studio before. Over the last 2 days Mojjo’s been putting down his work, and it sounds nothing short of fantastic. It has really brought another dimension into this album, and this band.

K says:

“Mojjo has put down some of the finest drums I have ever heard, and some of the stuff that he nailed and came up with is something I never thought we’d hear in TPH. This guy is not only a fantastic drummer, he’s a very laid back guy who lets his drumming do the talking. I’m very proud to have him onboard and I can only imagine how much this will enhance our sound in the future, as it has done on this album. The guy played for 17 hours straight yesterday, blisters and blood all over the place and not one single time he complained. We are impressed. Actually, we are more than impressed. He deserves to be in this band instead of being listed as a session drummer.”

We welcome him to the Hate. And we applaud him and thank him for the fantastic effort put into this piece.

Next up is Michael doing the bass. And then the vocals of Jo and J. Jo’s up first in 2 weeks and J will do his stuff the weekend after that. We are getting closer to completing the best goddamned material we ever composed. Can’t wait for you guys to hear this.

Stay tuned for more updates and possible video clips from the recording of the drums, among other things.

Posted by The Hate, February 27th, 2007 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.