Well, fuck me sideways – things are moving forwards big time!

With a title like that to draw you into reading this I need to have something to deliver too, huh? And I do. Dirk just nailed the last rack for the album, which means his work is fucken DONE! And what a performance he’s put in. You will see. And on top of that, Ruby just handed over her latest tune as well, meaning she’s not far from being done either. Fantastic. That’s how it sounds too – fantastic. And I have been working with quite a bunch of things over the last few weeks and today I went over everything closely in headphones. It all sounds majestic. As I have mentioned before I will continue to work with some details until the very end, making sure I get every single thing as perfect as possible. It’s a beautiful process. I will also continue to work on the promo videos since I have quite some material for it already, but I have no idea when you’ll get to see it. Just hang in there and it will come.

One step at the time, we are nearing completion. If you wanna hear this absolute monster when it’s done – click this link and find out what you need to do.


Posted by Lord K Philipson, September 17th, 2012 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.