When the album is done…

Some people who donated to The Experiment and afterwards have wondered how they will get the album when it’s completed. I have naturally saved all of your e-mails and will send you a note as for how to get “The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda” when it’s done. So, no need to worry. In case you know you have paid and have changed e-mail addy over the course of this recording process, just get in touch with me and we’ll work it out. Of you still haven’t donated, just click this link to find out how you can work it to hear this masterpiece in a month or two.

Spread the word, show us your support. Without it we are nothing.

Update: We saw some question on our Facebook about what formats we’ll send out the album in. Answer is: WAV and MP3 (320).

Posted by Lord K Philipson, November 25th, 2012 | Filed in Artwork, News, The Project Hate.