Will there be a new album? If so, how?

That title got yer attention, huh? Fear not, just wanna share some thoughts here.

I have been thinking about this for a while now since we parted ways with Vic Records and past experiences with labels, especially now when illegal downloading really hits the smaller labels and forces them out of business. I don’t even know if we’ll score a new deal with some label. I have contacted over 20 different ones, around 5 even bothered to reply so far, and for some reason I am not even surprised. They can’t put money into a small band it seems, no matter the quality that band possesses. Just look at Vicious Art for example, they are in the same boat – and it’s fucken tragic. It’s not about quality anymore (was it ever?), that one is obvious.

So what do we do if we do not score a new deal?

There is no chance that we will be able (we meaning me) to pay the recording of album number 7 ourselves. It involves quite a bit of cash to make it sound as I want it to sound – and I certainly do not wanna compromise with TPH. What is next then? Donations? I doubt there will be enough donations from Haters around the world to be serious. Maybe there would be? I have no idea, really…

I thought about perhaps trying to work it that way and then release the album for free (complete with cover and everything ofcourse).

I also thought about printing cd’s myself professionally – but let’s say I’d do a first print of a 1000 copies. That is also alot of cash on top what is needed for the actual recording so I think there’s an even lesser chance we’ll ever get to that.

We have all the plans laid out for the recordings but we haven’t set any deadlines or anything. Even less so now with the label situation. I seriously have no idea how we should work this thing to get it recorded if no record label picks us up, and as mentioned – I’m not surprised if they don’t considering how the industry is nowadays.

What do you guys think? Do you seriously think that enough people would donate cash for the recording? A funny idea is that if we were to go by all the “fans” we have on MySpace and everyone donated a dollar, we’d be recording this masterpiece in the blink of an eye, and more so. That would even pay for the printing of actual cd’s too, haha… Sadly those 8000 fans on MySpace aren’t really hardcore TPH fans, I guess.

I’m just playing with the idea if this would be possible. No, I don’t know if we should even try to make this idea into a reality – I am more interested in what your view on this whole thing is.

There’s always a chance Sony wants to sign us though. Haven’t contacted them yet. Eh…

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Posted by Lord K Philipson, June 8th, 2010 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.