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And the last guest vocals are completed!

Just got the final guest vocals and fuck me sideways this is some insane shit. I have the deepest respect for this vocalist and he’s actually been wanting to participate for quite some time, meaning he’s harassed me more often than I have harassed him about doing vocals. And the shit he pulled off… Well, you will get some unexpected shit on this masterpiece, that’s for sure. Both vocal wise and music wise.  Thanx to everyone who chipped in and made this my life’s work. You guys are the best. And no, I won’t reveal any names just yet but be sure you’ll find out in a bit…

Oh, and I worked my way thru the 6th track today (working with all the vocals, that is) and will do the last one tomorrow morning. Fucken unbelievable that all the vocals are now done… Dan will spend the coming few days sorting the mix for everything and I’ll continue with the corrections for a week or so. It’s real close now and I’m fucken ecstatic about this shit.

As should you be…

On behalf of The Hate / K

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And Mr. Sandström is done with his vocals!

Yeah, it took some time. Well, it didn’t actually take alot of time to do his vocals, but to find time to do them. Well hey, we are done with them now which means all the main vocals are completed. That’s all the update you get today. More information will follow later on coz now we have some work to do with the best album you ever heard from us (you just don’t know it yet).

You’ll see.

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Small update on the recording process…

We are still waiting for J to be able to nail those 2 last songs with his monstrous roars. This means we are in the same situation as some weeks ago. You know K and J’s been busy doing Torture Division gigs but we are doing what we can do squeeze those 2 songs in asap, believe us. Just hang in there. We are working on some small TPH related stuff in the meantime and you will all find out what it’s about as we go along. Stay detuned.

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