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Working hard still…

When I say we are productive as fuck now I wasn’t lying… When I woke up this morning I got a pre-production from The Kid (Ruby) for one of the finished songs. And… Holy. Shit. This girl is beyond amazing, she’s pulled off some absolutely phenomenal stuff to give me an idea of what it will sound like in the end. I am amazed. And completely floored. It has all come together now with the inclusion of The Kid and it will be an absolute delight to hear J and Ruby go at it in their vocal war.

It’s also fantastic to have someone so devoted she hands over pre-productions of her ideas. I am stunned. Not surprised that it sounds this killer, but to hear what I have created with her vocals on it this early is a fucken great feeling. She is bringing the vocals to another level on all accounts, just like we have stepped up on every other level with all the changes made this year. You will see, in the meantime – just take my word for it.

This will crush and it will easily be the finest thing we have ever done.


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On a roll…

Time for another small update on the song writing process for album number 7. Here we talked a little about how things were going just a week or two ago and now we wanna inform you that half of the album is pretty much completed, and it feels absolutely fantastic. K‘s spending every awaken hour on writing the best material ever (saying anything else would be retarded, but you also know it’s true) and we are aiming for 6 or 7 songs (as always about 60 minutes of insane music) for this coming masterpiece.

In the past we have written the music for all the songs before writing lyrics and picking out who’s going to sing where, etc… This time we are completing one song at the time. Everything is going great and we can’t wait to get this bastard recorded and show the world how it’s done once again. It also seems like we might have the title for the album already as well…

Stay tuned for more updates.

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Shirt orders now stopped!

Thanx to everyone who ordered. The shirts will be printed next week which means you should have them within a couple of weeks. You will be informed about the process both here and over at the forums.

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The progress…

As you all know we are currently writing the next album, our first with Ms. Ruby. Last week I finished up the lyrics for the completed songs and now I am working on the next piece of the puzzle songwise. Ruby is working on her lyrics and vocal lines for the already finished tunes and we sure are taking our time with this album to make it as perfect as humanly possible. Tobben has already started to rehearse the songs he’s got so far and we are all certain this will be the best album we have ever done. So far. Until the next one. As always.

There will be a lot of small updates for you as we go along and this post is just to make you aware of the fact that we are hard at work and things are going great. It will take some time before you get to hear anything though, that’s for sure. Just hang in there, keep an eye on our forums and praise Father Satan in the meantime.

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The blood, the sweat and the tears…

Just finished J‘s lyrics for one of the new songs and gave them to Ruby so she can start working on hers. It feels really good and we are moving along at a nice pace though there’s shitloads of work left before we will start recording this one.

Tobben already got the finished material to listen to and memorize the drum patterns while incorporating his own ideas. That’s the great thing about Golden T, he always comes up with the best shit when you actually thought you did it as great as it could possibly be.

I have tons of material lying around here and need to continue working on the next tune asap. Updates will follow as we go along. This will also be the topic to keep an eye on for all things relevant in the TPH camp and the coming album.

Also, do not forget to order one of them new shirts. It’s the only chance you’ll get.

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