The blood, the sweat and the tears…

Just finished J‘s lyrics for one of the new songs and gave them to Ruby so she can start working on hers. It feels really good and we are moving along at a nice pace though there’s shitloads of work left before we will start recording this one.

Tobben already got the finished material to listen to and memorize the drum patterns while incorporating his own ideas. That’s the great thing about Golden T, he always comes up with the best shit when you actually thought you did it as great as it could possibly be.

I have tons of material lying around here and need to continue working on the next tune asap. Updates will follow as we go along. This will also be the topic to keep an eye on for all things relevant in the TPH camp and the coming album.

Also, do not forget to order one of them new shirts. It’s the only chance you’ll get.

Posted by Lord K Philipson, February 2nd, 2010 | Filed in Merch, News, The Project Hate.