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Who started “our” Facebook page?

Whoever it was – could you please deactivate it and notify us you have done so at We’ll start one on our own if we feel the need for being on Facebook.

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Parting ways with Vic Records.

We are getting used to this now… Due to the financial situation and the complete lack of record sales for smaller record labels – Vic Records can’t hand us even the smallest budget for the next album. So instead of waiting for things to change (if they ever will) we have now parted ways with Vic Records so we won’t be sitting around for ages with material for a fantastic album that will never be recorded, or when it eventually gets recorded the songs are so old we all will be in our mid-50’s. That’s not too far away when we think about it really… But hey, the point is made.

We really did everything we could to bring the costs down for this album to help Vic out, but you at least have to have a minimum cost to record an album (if you don’t want your productions to sound like something Darkthrone just released – and hey, we think we need a better sound than that to make all details come thru to the listener). We sure would have appreciated to have been informed about this some time ago when we approached the label in question about the new album (and were assured everything was cool) instead of when we are finalizing the last song for the new album, just dying to start recording everything in a few months. It is what is is though.

However,  we wanna thank Vic Records for the work they have done. They did what they could and we appreciate the effort. We sincerely hope they get the label out of the deep waters – K has known Vic-chief Roel for quite some time and his passion for the label is like K’s passion for his music. He deserves to get the ship sailing, dear Roel. Either way, this is what it looks like; downloading kills the record industry – that’s obvious. And ultimately it’s smaller bands (like us) and smaller labels (like Vic) who suffer the blow.

So, we have now started to look for a new label. To be completely serious we don’t know if we’ll get one becoz of the reasons mentioned above. Labels simply have a hard time recouping the costs they put in to get an album out and to say that they have to think twice before releasing anything – that’s an understatement. We’ll see what happens.

Interested parties can contact us at

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Small update!

Went up at 4:15 this morning and some hours ago I finished the lyrics for the 5th track and will start working on the music for the final tune asap. Golden T‘s already rehearsing these 5 tunes with some nice rehearsal versions that I made for him. Can’t wait to get his playing on the songs for real – plans for recording the drums is September, I think.

Waiting for answers from Vic Records to all the questions I wanna have out of the way, but things are progressing as I hoped so far.

Ok, I’m off to work on a few things.

Stay tuned, as always.

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Know Latin?

Do any of you Haters actually speak or know Latin? The reason why I am asking is ofcourse related to TPH. I can’t really say much more than that but if you know/find some phrases that could be used for something when it comes to TPH – please, share them in here. We did a shirt once that had Mecum Omnes Plangite on the front – that’s definitely a suitable phrase for us. Dark Funeral, f.e, always comes up with nice sentences (or supposed to be sentences anyways) and that is the kind of style I am looking for here.

Sure, I do have a bunch that I have made up and/or found that are cool, but I thought some input from you guys would be awesome – as it’s something I always try to do, incorporate you guys a bit in what we do.

So, feel free to help out here – eventually we’ll see if anything is good enough for inclusion in whatever it is that I have in mind. You can mail any suggestions to And while yer at it, do not miss out on the chance to design a shirt for us (check 2 posts down for information). Simply becoz we suck at designing shirts ourselves. Photoshop is a bitch.

Last off: the work on track 6, the final one for our 7th album, is about to begin.

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Quite impressive.

Found this on YouTube and thought we’d share it. Good work by whoever’s playing.

Click me.

Last off, wanna design a shirt for us? Look at the post below.

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