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Shirts sent out.

You guys who have ordered a shirt, I’d appreciate if you notify me when they arrive in your mailbox, so I know they reached their destination as they should. You, the ones who haven’t ordered one yet – do so now.

Thanx for the support.

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2 down…

Pretty much finished up the final orchestration work for the second track this morning, which feels fantastic. Just a few more details to work with before I can consider it completely finished (at this stage, that is… The insane detail work always comes much later). This means it’s time to head over to the third track for the next album. I already have this one started up, so I really look forward to put my teeth into it. As you can see, the composing is going excellent though, as mentioned million of times already, it’s a long way before we are ready to record. I’ll  try to have you up-to-date with the process of everything as we walk down the path of Domination with this album.

Also, support us by purchasing a shirt.

Cheers, Haters.

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Do we have to ask you again?

It seems like it, so here we go. Care to buy the new shirts from us so we can get rid of them, perhaps? I’d appreciate it. There’s a bunch left and if you are a Hater you sure want this one, don’t you? All the info you need is available in this link. Do your duty and spread the gospel of The Hate. And while on the subject of trying to get rid of our merch, we also have but a few CD’s left of “BTNA”. We wouldn’t mind if you actually bought one of those as well. If you want a shirt and a CD, e-mail me at and we’ll work out some discount thing since there are just a few of these left. Also, the occasional “In hora mortis nostrae” disc is available. Cheap too. There’s no need for these items to to gather dust, so help out here.

In other news, the orchestration work for the second track is still in process and it sure takes time to make it all perfect. I can’t wait to finish this one up and head over to the next tune. And the next… And the next… It’s all working out excellent and to just know what the other guys will bring to this material puts a smile on my face. We are definitely enhancing the Domination by the second.

Keep checking in here and also – participate on the forums.

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Limited edition shirt now available!

Ordering information can be found here. Make sure to support The Hate and get one of these lovely shirts in your collection.

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More work, more blood, more joy…

The title of our latest monster, “Bleeding the new apocalypse”, is really suitable for the process of creating the material for our next album… The second tune is not far off from being completed now as I am sitting here putting down the orchestral parts that really turn out great. One thing that has crossed my mind while working with this song is that it gives me a feeling of when me and ex-guitarist Mazza created the tune”Burn” for “Hate, Dominate, Congregate, Eliminate”. It’s a track that is just relentlessly pounding its way down the path of Domination. I also re-recorded all the guitars a few days ago for this one since there were some problems with my software. Needless to say it turned out even better than before. I guess that’s what piss’n’vinegar do to ya.

Already at this point of composing I feel this album will be the perfect follow-up to “BTNA”. There are some new elements, as mentioned before, that really adds to the atmosphere I am after. It’s a great feeling when everything just comes together and I am having a very good time working with these new songs. As I have also mentioned before I have a ton of stuff lying around that I have written lately that I am just waiting for to sink my teeth into and make complete songs out of. Some week ago, while working on this second track, I also came up with what I believe will be the actual ending on the next album. Sure, it’s quite early to say it will be, but right now that’s how it feels.

I have like half this second track to do the orchestras for and after that it’s time for the detailed work before moving on to the third one (which is already roughly started – I told you creativity is flowing).

On another note, the brand new shirts have arrived. As soon as I have picked them up there will be photos and ordering information available for you guys. I sincerely hope you get one of these 60 available shirts and support The Hate.

Stay tuned for more updates as we go along. I’m off to create some more insanity.

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