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Almost there…

After some time of insanely hard work, the fourth track for the next album is really shaping up. The structure for it is pretty much done and the rhythm guitars have been 95% nailed as of this morning. I still have bass to record, not to mention the time it takes to do the orchestras and whatnot before it’s really completed. I have been listening to this tune over the last few days to really dissect it and work with different approaches to it, something that has paid off big time yet again. A few weeks ago I was pretty sure which one would be the opener for the next opus, but after writing this 4th song I believe there might be a new sheriff in town (I fucken finally managed to get a cowboy reference into a news post). Talk about luxury problems. It’s time to really go through the guitars closely, to see if I have fucked up somewhere (which I never do) before putting down the bass and then move on to the keyboards so this bastard of a song can join the other 3 in all their glory. I haven’t decided on how many tunes the next album will hold, but with these 4 songs we are well over 40 minutes of running time, so you can see where this is heading… Yes – towards absolute domination.

I am off again to continue my mission. Stay tuned for more updates and make sure to show your appreciation for The Hate by buying one of the awesome shirts we printed some month ago. If you don’t, you’ll never burn in hell with us. And we wouldn’t want that, right?

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Creating domination…

The 4th tune for the next masterpiece is currently under construction and it’s turning out ace, as expected. I’m trying out a few new things in this one to see where it leads me eventually. Still a long way to go before this one is completed, but at least it’s starting to take form according to what I had in mind when I started working on it. There’s a few things in this one that I really have to work on to make them a reality. It’s all in my head at the moment, and that part is easy. The fun and hard part is to transform those ideas into reality. But I am getting there.

I can’t believe the writing for this coming album is going so fantastic, as I have stressed numerous times before. I still have tons of stuff lying around that I have been writing the last couple of months, so there’s no shortage of stuff to use for the songs. It’s just a matter of putting it all together to make this the best damned album in our career, just like we have always done before. We are absolutely stepping up a few levels composing-wise for this one. I have pushed myself real hard when it comes to the guitars and some of the stuff is definitely material that I couldn’t play just a few years back, which puts s smile on my face. Together with my beloved companions, Jörgen, Tobben and Ruby, we will create a piece of sheer beauty and brutality, that’s for sure.

There you go, just a quick heads-up on the process of writing the new album. As soon as I have something new to reveal you will find it at this very site. Oh, and there are still copies available of the new shirt. Make sure to order your copy.

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Delete this Facebok page!

We have an official Facebook page here. There is another one located at this location. It is terribly outdated and completely irrelevant. If you, the one who created this, reads this message – delete the page since it serves absolutely no purpose. Obviously Facebook themselves do not give a shit even though we have asked to have it removed for quite some time. We’d appreciate if you heed this call, whoever started it in the first place.

And to round this off – show your support to The Hate and get one of our new shirts.

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The rip-off situation we posted about yesterday…

Obviously when we speak, some people listen. It feels great to announce that the agency who ripped off our printing company realized it was about time to pay. The score is settled and we have been asked by our printing company to remove the post about it, and we are happy to oblige since the mission is now accomplished. Thanx to everyone for your assistance in helping out in this matter.

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Updates as promised.

I told you that I’ll keep you updated on the process of writing for the next masterpiece, so here we are again. After yesterday’s update I devoted myself to wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony. Oh, and in between I managed to wrap up the third track with its orchestrations, some re-played bass and everything else you can think of. You can see it playing in my Winamp if you look to the right. Like it, huh?*

As soon as I started writing this tune I felt that it will be the one starting off our next album, and when you hear it you’ll understand why it’s chosen as the opener. Or not. You never know. I understand it anyways, and that is kind of important in the grand scheme of things, I guess. Well, not much more to say right now except that I am moving on to the fourth tune now. Oh, and ofcourse – don’t forget to show your support by purchasing the new shirt. That’s not asking for too much, now is it? We haven’t sold enough to pay the printer yet, that’s how much money we make on this shit, haha…

*No, you can’t fucken listen to the picture, dammit! Stop clicking the damn thing already.

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