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Annihilation – part IV…

That was that. The fourth track is now complete with orchestrations and whatnot. I’ll spend the next couple of days to go thru it closely (meaning the AKG headphones will come to use, as well as the iPod and my brand new shit expensive Denon in-ears) and see if anything needs to be re-worked though. It’s always easy to let go off a tune the moment you feel “finished” with it, but with TPH there are so many details that have to click to really get there – that’s why I always spend some time with what’s at hand completion-wise, before sending it to the other guys to hear. This time is no different.  Sometimes I do send it to the other guys too soon though as I discover things I wanna change. I am sure it will happen this time as well, haha… And as I suspected, this is definitely the opening track now.

I re-played a few bass parts today for this latest track since there were some slide sounds (you know, when you go from one note to another)  that annoyed me, so that’s now taken care of. The guitars sound ace and I need not do anything else with those (except for adding a thing or two as we go along perhaps, haha). So, that’s 4 tunes down for the next album and now I’ll move on to the stuff I started yesterday, coz I really have the ideas down for that one. After this piece e is done I will continue with some other stuff I already started, so as you can see – the inspiration is fucken endless.

I wish you could hear this material and be absolutely blown away, but you’ll have to wait quite some time. You know it will be worth it. Oh, and you haven’t forgotten to buy a shirt, huh? Just buy it. Not too many of them left. All info you need can be found here.


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A dramatic turn of events…

No, I’m not talking about the coming (most likely shitty) Dream Theater album. This is far more superior. While composing the orchestrations for track number 4, as previously reported, this riff struck me and I decided to just simply record it for future use. Or, at least that was the plan. Safe to say that plan fucked off real fast as I ended up with something clocking in already at over 5 goddamn minutes. I have no clue how that happened. But I do have the idea for this one completely stretched out and can’t wait to begin working on it for real. This one will definitely show another side of The Hate, yet it won’t. Just wait until you hear it. I think guitarist extra-ordinaire and TPH-faithful Mike Wead will have to warm up his hands to pull this fucken thing off considering what I have in mind for him, haha… Yes, it’s no secret we prefer to have this hero putting down guitar solos for us since he’s one of the most fantastic guitarists in the world, so yeah – he’s very much invited on this coming opus. It truly is an honor, as always, to utilize his magnificent services. Just thought I’d let you in on this little newsflash so you know what’s up. Now I am back to writing.

Obey the sixes! (and buy a shirt in the process)

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Halfway there…

Been working with this fourth track quite a bit since the last update and it’s getting close to completion when it comes to orchestrations and whatnot. There are still a few parts that I haven’t figured out just yet, but that’s how it always work. Can’t rush perfection, you know. The more I listen to this one, the more I am convinced it has to be the opener for the next album. I am sure that’s how it will be when it’s finished. It’s easy to write riffs and make them into a song, the hard part is adding all these extra flavors that give us our unique sound. That’s what takes time and makes it all worthwhile. Listening to the tracks that are finished right now – there’s no doubt in my mind that we have entered a new level altogether for what we can do with TPH. There are still a bunch of things lying around that I can’t wait to make songs of, but that will have to wait until this fourth one is nailed.

As you can see, we are progressing fast with the material for our next masterpiece. Spread the word and come around this site and our forums for continuous updates on the process.

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Got shirt?

As we have mentioned quite a few times, we have a new shirt for you. Obviously we got a bunch of them left too, so make sure to help us get rid of them and show your support to The Hate, why dontcha?

Just click this link to get access to all the information you would ever need when it comes to ordering. So, get one now. We’d appreciate it.

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And on to orchestrations…

Guitars and bass are recorded for the 4th track now so I am moving on to the domains of loops/orchestrations and utter madness to complete this latest tune. As you can see by the copious amount of updates, inspiration surely is pissing down on The Hate and there’s no end in sight. We are creating another testament of perfection and sheer domination. Trust me on this.

As you were.

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