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Update on the song writing process again!

Finally found some time in-between rehearsing for Torture Division‘s upcoming show, regular work, family life and whatnot and today the ending for this sixth track just dawned on me. It’s funny when it happens, when something just comes together like that. Now all I have left to do with this tune is to compose all of the orchestras and some additional things, something that will take a while coz it’s no easy process. The structure of this 6th tune is completed anyways. I do have some guitars left to correct and listen closely to so I can see that it all comes down to perfection in the end, but one thing at the time. I should be done with this one in a few weeks or so, then it’s on to the 7th track, the final one. I already have some sketches lying around for that one, so getting started is not a problem. But as mentioned – one thing at the time.

Interact with us over at our forums and keep spreading the word about The TPH Donation Experiment.

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Just a thought, taken from the forums…

“I have been thinking about this a bit lately… Printing CD’s (digipaks) professionally with a full color booklet and so forth… how much would it cost? I have sent the question to some Swedish CD manufacturers to see what it would land at. We can’t do it with the 5000 dollars though, that only covers the recording and mixing, and that’s why we set the goal at that sum. If the interest for this is big enough and people really want a physical CD, perhaps this could be worth looking into down the road, though I don’t know if we’d ever sell some 1000 CD’s ourselves and I doubt people would wanna help out with raising funds for that as well.

Fuck knows we wouldn’t have to charge 20-25 Euros for them if we did them ourselves since we don’t have to buy them off the label for 8-12 Euros per CD.

I don’t know, this is not an issue right now. The recording is what is most important. Just a thought, though.”

Thought I should post it here as well. If you wanna read some great input from Haters about this, just go over to this thread at our forums and scroll down to read some fine stuff by some true supporters of TPH. Anyways, here it is. And again – thanx to Dave Mustein at who brought this story up and had some more people donating to the cause of this recording. On the other hand, they also managed to bring in some real, ehh… superstars in the comments area, so go read that as well. Mind boggling, haha…

The composing continues and this agenda is on full throttle. Keep on spreading the word about The TPH Donation Experiment.

Thank you, Haters. You truly are amazing individuals.

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Just… insanity…

Again, I am stunned. We are moving towards the goal with some fine speed, and I will say this over and over again: I can’t thank you enough. All of you who have donated, all of you who have spread the word and still are doing so – you are phenoms. We are 1800 dollars away from the target – the 5000 dollars that will cover all of the recording and mixing costs for our next album. It’s just amazing. Thank you. As mentioned, you are making this recording a reality, people.

In the meantime the composing continues…

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Song writing update and more stuff…

Time is 04:27 in the morning and I am working my ass off with this 6th track. Most of the structure is done, but there’s some work to be made with a few guitar parts to make them sound as I want them to sound. I am also deep in the process of completing a certain part in this one that is turning out absolutely killer, but there’s quite some ways to go still before I feel it’s “there”. It’ll be a great section once it’s finished though, that’s for sure.

Due to limited amount of free time (having bought a house sure demands some dedication to other areas than creating music, haha) I haven’t been able to work on this as much as I would have loved to, but this morning is being spent with the new TPH album. The structure for track 6 is pretty much done, now it’s all about completing it and having it feel perfect. And I am getting there.

And then some TPH Donation Experiment news: we are slowly reaching 3100 dollars now, and as soon as we’ve crossed the 3200$ level you’ll know about it. In case you don’t read the forums: 5000 dollar is the goal to make sure no compromises need to be made. So for the next update, when we reach the coming 200 dollar level, it’ll say “Goal = 5000 $”. We have never recorded an album this cheap, but we can pull it off with 5000 dollars thanx to some incredibly nice studio owners giving me a discount knowing about the situation and so on. Again – thanx to all of you Haters who are spreading the word, and some of you who even donate monthly to make sure we reach the target. It’s incredible to see the level of dedication from you. You are obviously making this album happen.

I also wanna say thank you to this guy who offered to donate some artwork for us to use for anything we’d like, meaning we can print a new shirt if we feel like it and get some funds for the recording that way. He creates some truly cool stuff and some of it is a perfect fit for TPH, so we’ll see what we end up with. A real nice gesture.

Also, we wanna say thank you to Dave Mustein over at for putting this up. And don’t forget to read the comments from some real geniuses over there, haha… Always very amusing.

We’ll talk soon again. Now I have music to create.

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Yesterday we were at 2800$ in donations…

And today, thanx to forumer Bitch, her husband and some Australian hero  – this just happened:

I am speechless. Not really, but you get my point. Knowing that you guys are obviously maing this TPH Donation Experiment thing work, it fuels me even further to put my absolute everything into this album. Continue to spread the word about this so we will reach the goal, something I now do not doubt we will anymore. Just amazing. You Haters are phenomenal. Now excuse me while I continue to work on the 6th track.

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