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And Dirk’s 4th tune is recorded!

Actually, he finished it some week ago, but I just got to hear it. I don’t even know where to begin with this… Mr Muthafucken Dirk Verbeuren is setting a new standard for drumming once again. The shit he pulls off for this album is just mind boggling. Up until now I didn’t think drummers could pull off stuff like this. Absolutely astonishing. Just wait until you get to hear it. He’s adding so much stuff to the material it’s not even sane, making this album reach even further beyond what I thought was possible. As mentioned, things are coming together so nicely and what we are creating is without a doubt on another level now. You will see… Also, J is about to start recording his vocals any day now. Mark my words when I say that this is a masterpiece.

If you wanna hear this album and actually contribute to the cause of TPHthis is the link you need to click.

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Ruby’s on fucken fire!

The kid’s nailed the first of her tunes, and damn – she’s outdoing herself. Absolutely beautiful work on her part and it makes me proud to be able to work with people like her. Astonishing. She’s also making some videos for you guys that will surface eventually, but first she will concentrate on putting down some majestic work for this album. I wanna take the opportunity to thank T for recording Ruby as well. Great fucken guy – thank you so much. To hear this album coming together according to my plans is just mindblowing. I have lived with this material for quite a while, working on it on a daily basis, pretty much… To finally get the vocals into it just further enhances my vision. It’s one thing to imagine how it will sound, it’s a different beast when you actually have them there… Just beautiful.

It also looks like J is about to enter the studio shortly, so things are definitely moving forward. Now I’m off to work on a few other things for the album…

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Ruby enters the studio!

As it looks, Ruby will start recording the real deal tomorrow, which is something I can’t wait to hear. The demos have been amazing and there’s no doubt she will deliver even better when the record button is on. She should be able to wrap up her stuff in a month or two, or three. As mentioned, we are in no rush whatsoever. Things are obviously going great and this album will be absolutely crushing. I know this becoz I have written it and I know who I am blessed to work with. Yes.

Stay tuned for more updates, as always.

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Another sign…

By clicking this link you can follow how this whole thing is evolving. What do you make out of it? In related news, Dirk has completed the 4th track now. 2 more to go and then the drums are finished. Should take a month or 2. Majestic. Also, if you wanna have a look on how the whole recording process been going down, you can click this one and get all the updates in chronological order. That’s how much we care about you, guys.

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Yeah, you know how I like to keep you all updated on the process of recording our next beast of perfection. Well, there’s not too much to report at the moment. Dirk is about to wrap up the 4th tune any day now, which is fantastic. After that there’s only 2 more songs for him to nail. Just wait until you get to hear what this hero has cooked up, he sure put his own stamp on things. Absolutely astonishing work on his part. Goddamn. But this you expected anyways, no? Yes. J is still on vacation, and he’s going thru the guidelines for his vocals with a beer in hand and meat on the BBQ. Lucky bastard. Ruby is done with her work and will enter the studio as soon as she feels ready for it. As I have reported countless of times before, I always work with details and a few other special things for this album.Oh, and there’s rumors going around that another sign just might surface when the time is right…

So, while my major work is done people claim I obviously found some time to create something else that you should take a listen to. And yes, Dan Swanö is rumored to be involved as well… This is a recipe for domination, as you all know. If you’re Swedish, you can find more info here (search for song 294, or simply click the “högst betyg” or “mest spelade” buttons and look for the IBURPROPHANE (yes, they made a typo or 3 in there) song. Guaranteed to make your jaws drop. Spread the word.

So, stay tuned for more information on the recording, either at this site or on our forums. And don’t forget to read this.

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