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Wanna have an update?

Well, then you’ll have it. It seems like both J and Ruby will resume their vocals next week, meaning we are moving forward again. Not that we ever came to a halt, but hey, you know what I mean. Over the last few days I have been very inspired and have been working some more guitars into the tunes, spicing things up even more than before. It truly is a joy to work with this album and the reason we are taking this very slowly is becoz we will perfect it and we are in no rush since we don’t care about labels now – meaning there are no deadlines for us to follow. None but our own. I spent this entire morning checking out the, so far, completed vocals and damn – they sound absolutely killer. J is once again outdoing himself and everyone else, and so is Ruby. As mentioned before, it really is an honour to be able to work with these people. J and Ruby’s also video taped some of their stuff from the studio as usual, so if I find the time I will fire up some excellent videos eventually. Don’t count on it though, but I’ll try.

Hang in there and follow the process of the recording and the signs. And don’t forget to donate to our cause if you give a shit.

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Reading the signs…

Step by step it’s revealing itself now… Don’t forget to enter the forums and follow the process of the signs…

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People ask us questions over Facebook…

And we suggest you stop doing that in case you actually want an answer from us. Why? Simply becoz we don’t really use Facebook. The updates we do here at the site automatically goes up there, but none of us are actually “working” with Facebook’s TPH account. If you wanna ask us something (like how to get t-shirts, how to donate and get the new album, etc…), just drop us an e-mail at or visit us at our forums where we are always around. If you wanna interact with any of the members of the band over that Facebook service -  Jörgen, Ruby and Tobben’s got it. K does not. We gladly interact with you Haters, so feel free to enter the forums and be a part of that instead of asking questions you’ll most-likely never get answers to on Facebook. Or just shoot us an e-mail, as mentioned.

Update about the recording of the new album will come as soon as there’s something new to report.

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Here we go again…

Ruby is now back from vacation and will resume her vocals, which is great. In a week or so J should also continue his work as studio owner Joppe returns from his visit to the States. We are moving along just fine and are completing this album step by step in a regular pace. Keep checking out our forums for the latest updates and do not forget what you need to do to get this album when it’s finished. And remember the signs

Thanx to everyone who’s supported this cause so far. You are all phenoms.

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It’s time for you…

… to open up your eyes. The signs are getting more and more clear. What do you make of it? Now all you need to do is follow the process closely and see what it eventually leads you to. Do not forget what you need to do to get the new album, and spread the word to anyone and everyone about it. Show the world that this way of working with music can be done. Support us, make a donation of your choice and get the album as soon as it’s done. Also, you haven’t forgotten that I have decided to give you 2 versions of it when it’s completed? One instrumental (now that will be another listening experience for ya, a completely different beast…) and the regular album. And all you need to do is donate any give sum and show us what The Hate means to you. Be sure that any eventual profit (seriously, you don’t make much profit playing this kind of music, haha) of this will be invested in new gear to make even better music further down the road. So, spread the word. Support The Hate and this agenda.

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