“Hate, Dominate, Congregate, Eliminate”

April 2nd, 2003

Now we are rolling fuckers…

I entered the studio today, a day earlier than initally planned but that doesn’t mean much to any of us. Dan Swanö came down to the studio this morning for a few hours to help Mieszko out with the MIDI-shit as that is more Dan’s thing. We thank him for that.

Pretty basic day today as we had to get all the programmings and all the keyboards into Cubase as MIDI-files, just to divide the songs and get them into Pro-Tools. We ended up with some small glitches that we’ll take care of tomorrow before moving into the next level. We have plenty of time and have planned the recording carefully. Just going thru some of the technosounds and strings we’ll use as well as the drumloops and drumsounds in general made me wet my pants. To quote Jim Carrey in Cable Guy or something, there’s no end to the possibilities with this album.

Tomorrow I’ll pick up a digicam and take some shots of what we are doing. Just for the sole reason that we look so good, but also for the sake of posting some of them here for you to check out.

Now piss off, I need sleep, making these studioreports wears me out.

Kidding Haters, talk to you tomorrow.

/ Lord K

April 3rd, 2003

Day 2… Me and Mieszko have been working on some sounds and we’ve been re-arranging/improving the programmings and shit. At this point the temporary sounds we use sound absolutely fantastic. I already look forward to the mix when the real work starts and when the final sounds gets done that’ll end up on the album.

I’ve been checking out alot of loops and stuff that’ll probably keep me up for many nights, as I’ll be experimenting and explore new areas. The MIDI-things have given us minor problems and Dan Swanö came by for 20 minutes and helped out to sort it.

We have 2 more songs to do the basic checks for tomorrow and tomorrow is the day when I’ll also start to lay down the 36 guitars that’ll be put down for the album. 36 rhythmguitars… 4 per song, 8 songs… That’ll take me approximately 2 or 3 days. I’m looking forward to it already. The Mesa Boogie and my Jackson’s are ready. So am I.

Talk to you tomorrow fuckers.

/ Lord K

April 4th, 2003

It’s been a long fucken day to say the least, luckily my girlfriend made sure me and Mazza had some food on the table in the studio earlier on this evening.

Fixing the last 2 tracks, as far as the MIDI-issues goes, took a bit longer than expected, and definitely longer than we wanted, but it’s all sorted now. We managed to get one of the guitarsounds for the album today after some difficulties. The amp we used for “When we are done” sounded like shit and we were puzzled… So we had to get Mazza’s one from 2 Ton Predator’s rehearsalroom, just to come back to the studio to see Mieszko putting the seemed-to-be-broken amp back together after he’d done some work on it… Plugging in my Jackson sorted it all after a few hours. Huge relief to say the least. Mieszko managed to get us a fucken brutal sound for this one and the next sound will be even heavier.

Mazza and myself have been working alone in the studio, putting down this guitarsound for 3 tracks. We are beat, we need sleep, we need drugs and we need whores. More guitars will be done tomorrow and hopefully we’ll manage to put down all the songs that are supposed to have this sound before mid-day on Sunday. The MIDI-stuff’s been a bitch and has taken a bit longer than planned, but things always end up like that in the studio so we are all fine. We’ll make it on time despite the minor setback with the MIDI-fuck.

Anyways, tomorrow will be a massive day of guitarplaying, but who better than me and Mazza to sort it? Leif Edling probably, but he’s not around these parts so we better do it.

Now fuck off, we need sleep.

/ Lord K and Mazza

April 5th, 2003

Good evening. We recorded the remaining 5 tracks with the first 2 guitars today without much trouble, professionals as we are. Mazza put down some really good stuff here and there today, and we jammed together a few new parts within the songs which increased the material even more. Feels great to have the first guitars for all the songs made and tomorrow we’ll start to work on the sound for the other guitars.

Anders of Nasum stopped by with band-colleague/studioowner Mieszko for a while today. We even managed to get a photo of his fucken face. Lucky us. The day went by smoothly though our fingers are starting to hurt a bit now… We are halfway there though, only 16 more guitars to record.. We have decided to split the recording of those songs over 2 days and use the remaining time of the days to fuck around with some sounds and whatnot within the songs. We’ll do the vocals before putting down the basslines so our fingers can have a rest.

I’m off to the studio early tomorrow morning to listen through all the songs by myself and check if there’s anything needed to be re-recorded before starting with the other guitars. That covers it up for today. The songs sound fantastic so far and will only improve with the coming days. This album will turn out fucken insane, as promised.

Talk to you tomorrow fuckers, now piss off.

/ Lord K and Mazza

April 6th, 2003

I went to the studio early this morning and put down some additional guitars and fixed some minor playing-mistakes. Later on Miezsko dropped by and sorted the other guitarsound for the songs. The whole day has been about putting down the last guitars and me and Mazza did that in 7 hours. That makes for 20 hours of guitarplaying to complete the songs, give or take a few hours.

We are most chuffed with what we have accomplished so far and it all sounds great. Mazza won’t be able to join for the studio tomorrow due to work so I’ll enter it myself and listen with fresh ears if there’s anything that needs to be re-recorded. After that’s taken care of, I’ll play around with all the samples and loops that we intend to use on the album. This ammount of guitarplaying has given me minor blisters on some of my fingers so I’ll put down the bass on Saturday, when all the vocals are done. It’s been a terrific day and it all sounds killer. In a few months you’ll know it too.

Talk to you tomorrow fuckers, now piss off.

/ Lord K and Mazza

April 7th, 2003

I went to the studio this morning and re-recorded some riffs here and there, small mistakes got corrected and now it sounds all fine. The rhythmguitars are completed and it feels great.

Me and Mazza decided to bring Mieszko in again and have him sorting the solo-sound for the guitar. That was made fast and we completed the solos for the songs as well in a few takes. We managed to throw in some not-planned stuff that really turned out great. Feels fantastic to be done with the guitars now after some days work.

Tomorrow J and Caligula of Dark Funeral will enter the studio and put down the first vocals. This is insanity at it’s best. Not much more to tell, the day went great.

Talk to you tomorrow fuckers, now piss right the fuck off.

/ Lord K

April 8th, 2003

I came to the studio around noon. And I must admit that Lord K, Mazza and Mieszko have done a great job so far. The sound is fucking awesome, dude!! The sound is fatter than Lord K himself, and that means alot!!!

For the first time in history, I think, I had all lyrics done before I entered the studio. As if that would be easier… I had forgot where, when and most of all how I would put them down rhytmically, haha… But hey, it is just an album… To make the job a bit easier, we bought a case of beer and screamed like if there was no tomorrow! To help me out with some of the parts, Mogge from 2 Ton Predator and Rickard The Vikingfrom ex Necrony, Genocide Superstars came down to the studio and did a great job. I don’t think I ever heard anyone sing as low as Richard. I was ready to go home right there, haha..

Anyway, piss drunk we stumbled home to catch some sleep. And now that I have woke up, I don’t remember half of the stuff we did yesterday, so we’ll see if I have to do the vocals all over again, haha.. If so, please kill me!!! Plans are that Caligula’s coming Wednesday as he couldn’t make it last day… We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

/ J

April 9th, 2003

Fucken Caligula, brother and hero, entered the studio. Took it all over, dominated it and even wrote some lyrics and came up with various insane ideas today… We decided to use him for backingvocals on all songs but one. It turned out completely insane. He put down screams that literally are longer than anything I have ever heard on a album before. Think of the scream of the opening track on “Diabolis Interium”, and add some length to it… Insane, insane, insane… Caligula must have lungs of a whale. It felt very special to have him there, contributing with so much to the songs…

J put down his last 2 tracks and it all turned out ace… Having J and Caligula sharing vocals is evil enough to kill every christian around. You guys will fucken die when you hear this…

Now piss off, talk to you tomorrow

/ Lord K

April 10th, 2003

Another excellent day. Ms. Jo entered the studio this morning and has been executing some insanely impressive work. She put down the leadvocals for 6 of the 8 songs that are going for the album. We’ll deal with the remaining 2 tomorrow before she leaves for Gothenburg again.

Tomorrow will also be the day when we’ll work with some more harmonies for her. She’s added alot of stuff to the songs and we are very happy to have her with us. She’s a real gem. Her vocals are really something for all of you to look forward to.

We are getting closer to completing the album now. I have to do the bass on Saturday and then we’ll start to do the mixing of what is, without any doubt, the best fucken thing we ever recorded (I just had to get that in there) as well as one of the best albums I ever heard. We went thru the songs a bit today too and listened to the completely insane fucken stuff that Caligula of Dark Funeral put down last day… Prepare for the soundtrack to killing christians…

/ Lord K

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