“Hate, Dominate, Congregate, Eliminate”

April 11th, 2003

Fucken Friday. I’m getting tired of being sober haha… Let’s not mention last Wednesday then…

Me and Jo entered Soundlab this morning to complete the 2 remaining songs as well as some beautiful duplicates on the vocals. We were completely done after a few hours and now all the vocals are put down for the album… We have been in the studio for a total ammount of 10 days now, halfway to completion then…

Henke of local heroes Flushed (www.flushed.com) were nice enough to lend me his 5-string Ibanez-bass for the basslines that I’m putting down tomorrow. We thank him for that.

That’s basically it for today. My fingers have healed well and I’m ready to put some thunder down first thing Saturday. We’ll let you in on all the details tomorrow fuckers. I can mention already that after putting that shit down I’m going to get pissdrunk and celebrate this monster of an album.

Now piss off.

/ Lord K

April 12th, 2003

We put down all of the bass today and threw a party afterwards. Rickard (Genocide Superstars) and Matte (2 Ton Predator) came by and drank some beer.

Not much to say really, the bass sounds Korn-ish and added even more heaviness to the material recorded. Now there’s nothing but mixing left for the remaining 8 days.

Now piss off.

/ Lord K

April 13th, 2003

We have been mixing one of the songs today and it all sounds fucken awesome. No, we won’t give you any titles just yet. I’m hungover.

Not much to show when it comes to photos as we are just sitting in front of the computers, so we have decided to put up some of the ones not seen before from earlier this week. It’ll be like that the whole week.

Piss off now, I need sleep.

/ Lord K

April 14th, 2003

It just came to my attention that our live-album gets released today. Cool. Fuck it.

We have been mixing a song the whole day. We are taking our time with this and will spend one day per song for the mixing. The songs are really coming together now and it’s brilliant shit in every way. Mieszko is doing fantastic work with me and it’s a joy to see him in action, that Polish grind-bastard. We owe him alot, besides cash.

Ok, another song tomorrow and probably another update too. Here’s some photos for ya that’s been taken during the last 10 days.

/ Lord K

April 15th, 2003

Cory is fucked up. How’s that for a introduction?

We continued the mixing today and almost completed song number 2 and no, no titles for you yet, we like to keep you on yer toes for a bit longer. Tomorrow we’ll spend 30 minutes on the mentioned song to complete the mix and put the final stuff into it. I have a cd here at my place with this song, just to check how it sounds in a normal stereo and the sound is excellent as expected. Well, that’s it for now, talk to you tomorrow.

More unseen photos from the recordings below. Piss off Cory, I love you, haha. Fuck with the Lord, the horns you get.

/ Lord K

April 16th, 2003

Sitting at my place now, listening to another mixed track and it sounds fucken killer. Did some small adjustments to the mixed track we did yesterday and now it sounds fucken more insane. Mieszko is doing a great fucken job to say the least.

Mazza came by and lended us his ears today as well. Nothing to complain about, we are doing well as hell. 3 songs down, 5 to go….

/ Lord K

April 17th, 2003

We nailed another song today.. Or almost that is… Some minute left before completion. Mieszko’s doing a hella good job, me and Mazza just orders him around to fulfill our visions. Halfway there now or something. We have added alot of cool shit within the songs that will raise a eye-brow or 666, believe me.

Here’s another bunch of photos from the recording-sessions. Later Haters!

/ Lord K

April 18th, 2003

We finished another song today and had a long argument about a riff being power-metal or not. I firmly state that you’ll find anything powermetal in what we do hahaha…

Anyways, we’ll take 2 days off now and continue mixing a song on Monday. Tuesday, Mieszko will leave for Finland to play with Nasum for a week, so we’ll complete the mixing in the end of this month.

So no more updates for this weekend when it comes to the studio, see all of you fuckers on Monday.

/ Lord K

April 21st, 2003

6 songs mixed now and tomorrow Mieszko will leave for the Nasum-gigs in Finland, so the remaining 2 tracks will be mixed next week on Tuesday and Wednesday, then the album is ready for mastering.

It all goes great and there’s not much more to tell at this point.

/ Lord K

April 29th, 2003

Mieszko came back from his mini-tour with Nasum in Finland yesterday and today we continued to work the magic in the studio.

We completed work on song number 7 today and 6 days of booze for Mieszko didn’t fuck up his excellence. We added some cool things that were not planned today and the song turned out insane. We are getting nearer to completion now and tomorrow it’s time for the last track on the album to be mastered.

Things have gone by fast and having 8 days for mixing was a wise decision as that made it possible to really work on the tracks itself and explore things we didn’t plan before-hand. That’s it for today. Talk to you fuckers tomorrow.

/ Lord K

April 30th, 2003

We packed our gear today and carried it home after completing the mixing of the last track, track number 8 for this coming masterpiece. Mieszko has once again done a terrific job and we are most satisfied with the outcome to say the least.

The recordings went fucken well and all that’s left now is the mastering which will be one in two weeks in Stockholm when Alx returns from South Africa with Entombed.

It’s all clear now. 2003 belongs to the Hate!

/ Lord K

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