$6000/$10000 reached!


As mentioned previously, this round of The Experiment is going slow as shit but we have now reached $6000!!! “Just” $4000 left in our quest for the needed $10000 budget to be able to finalize our 13th album. 165 Haters have chipped in so far and together with the Bandcamp sales for our 4 previous albums and the proceeds of the anniversary shirt we have now reached $6000! I raise my glass to all of you who have helped us get this far. Obviously there’s still a long way to go though, so keep on spreading the word, ok?

Now I’m going back to working on our planned 13th album. I can’t wait for the day when/if this monster is completed. It’ll be spectacular.


Posted by Lord K Philipson, August 5th, 2019 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.