A new idiot is born each and every day…

You know how I mentioned how I have to deal with some absolutely retarded people every day? If not, here’s the link to that very post. Obviously, we haven’t seen the end of it, not that I thought that would ever happen, but hey… It seems quite a few media outlets want to hear the album since I get mails about it every now and then. And then there’s this fucken idiot called Tiphany Matai who obviously “works” for some site. Apparently, this one thinks we owe her the album so she can write about it. We should send it to her becoz she’s a… reviewer. Wow. What I feel about this issue is very well explained in this conversation displayed below (click the thumbnails to enlarge them):











Isn’t it funny how incredibly cunt-hurt she got when we didn’t give the album to her? Just look at her Facebook:






After all, she’s a… reviewer for fuck’s sake. If you wanna talk shit about us on your Facebook page, Tiphany, I welcome it. Cum Victriciis In Manibus Armis.

As you all might understand, media is not important to me any longer. This album wasn’t made so it could be reviewed at any sites, especially not on French ones where Queen Bee Fuckbucket works. I don’t care if anyone fucken reviews what we do. It matters not to me anymore. I have no grand illusions of selling a shitload of digital units or physical CD’s, it’s not important at all. Understand: I don’t care. If I would have cared I would have approached a label so they could release it and work their promotional machine. But I didn’t. “The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda” is recorded for The Haters and it was made possible thru their donations and continuous support. Explain to me why the fuck people like this Tiphany-idiot think they are entitled to the album for free becoz they “work” on a website. The ones who want to hear what we do will find out about the album, support the band and buy it from us. It costs 15 Euros. Those are the people who deserve to listen to it. Those are the ones who this album is created for. So, lets’ make this very clear one last time:


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