All rise again!



A few things to sum up 2023;

– Thanx to a bunch of you it was possible to raise the funds and record our 15th album with TPH, “Abominations of the Ageless”, yet another musical piece that I am immensely proud of. The fact that another TPH Donation Experiment was doable is mind blowing, and my amount of gratitude towards you people is endless. As I have said countless of times before; TPH simply can’t be done as I envision it without you and the fantastic musicians and graphics designers I get to work with. I salute you all.

– It was also great to be able to do a digipak for this album, even though it takes quite some time these days to sell a couple of hundred copies. At least I’m not losing money on it since enough of you pre-order, so… thanx a fuckload!

If you wan’t a digipak (some 25-30 left), you can find the ordering info over here.

– Digital downloads for quite a few of our recordings are of course available for purchase. All needed info is to be found to the right on this very page. Click and you shall be enlightened.

– I turned fucken 50 in 2023. That means I have been doing TPH for 24 years. Let that sink in. I can literally hear the choirs of the metal world singing my praises, and rightfully so.

– What else… Oh, yeah, I also (together with the mighty Jörgen Sandström) managed to shit out 2 absolutely crushing full-lengths with Absurdeity in the span of 6 months this year. “Unspeakable Butchery” came out in July, and “The not so gentle art of severing limbs” was unleashed a few days ago. You can get those over at our Bandcamp page. So, I released 3 goddamn records during 2023. What the fuck.

– What 2024 has in store?

I have a feeling I might work on music. We’ll see what happens as we go along, I guess. I am in no rush whatsoever to complete and/or release anything. It happens when it happens. I do this becoz I love it, and becoz I live for it. This can never become something that feels forced.

Obviously, I don’t make much money on my musical activities, so that’s hardly a source of motivation for me. I, as most musicians in my field, work a 9-5 job. Music is made in my free time, and this is how it’s been for as long as I can remember. I have no deadlines to work towards. I have no record labels trying to tell me what to do. I want nothing to do with any of that after dealing with it too many times in the past.

As I have told you before;

I create for myself. Becoz I need it. It is what I am. And when it comes to TPH it’s possible to bring it to another level all thanx to the people I get to work with, and by your monetary support for the recordings.

It truly is fucken insane, and I’ll never take any of it for granted.

– Last off; I’m not very active on social media. Simply becoz I have zero interest in sharing my every move. I use these outlets (especially Facebook, Instagram is a bit “looser”) when there’s something relevant to announce. I am sure you have noticed over the years.

If you wanna talk to me, feel free to use I always try to reply, it’s important to me coz, as mentioned, you people make this possible.

With that said, I wish you a great 2024.

We’ll talk eventually.

/ Your King

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