Always marching forward…

TPHQuick update to let you know the status of the new album’s journey to be completed. Now with Erik Rundqvist‘s guest vocals recorded and delivered to me, all guest spots have been filled. I wanna thank all of the included guys so much for their amazing work and for bringing this beast to yet another dimension.

Elli‘s nailed all of her stuff as of a few months back, delivering something beyond and above anything we have ever had for the female parts in the past. It’s on a completely different level, to put it mildly.

J has put down 2 songs out of 6, meaning there’s 4 more for him to do. Once again he proves that he is absolutely untouchable when it comes to growls and whatnot. Just incredible how he always steps up and dominates with each and every record we do.

Dirk is 3 songs down out of 6 (update September 13th – 5 down now), and the stuff this guy puts down is just insane. I have seriously never encountered a better all-around drummer in my life. He does absolutely everything I never thought was possible when it comes to bashing them skins.

My work with all the guitars, bass, loops, orchestras, effects and whatnot is a 100% done. There is absolutely nothing more for me to do in these areas. They have been perfected over a long period of time. Now I’m just waiting for the remaining vocals and drums and then it’s time for me and Swanö to complete this masterpiece with the mix and mastering. That part will be absolutely glorious.

Now you know what’s up. Don’t forget to always check our Facebook since we do updates there all the time.

Thanx for your invaluable support.

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