And they are here!

Finally. No thanx to Postnord for the delay and non-communication about anything at all. I’m not surprised this happens.

Anyways, now the packing will start and everything will be sent out later this week. You who ordered registered mail will get your receipt as soon as I have delivered your package to the postal office. So, keep an eye on your e-mail, ok?

The digipaks themselves turned out absolutely stellar as always, thanx to Andreas Brorsson at Brotherson Media. This company is a joy to work with and they have absolutely nothing to do with the small delay. That’s all on Postnord.

But, fuck them and fuck that. Everything is here now.

There are still digipaks available, so if you wanna grab your copy (or copies), here’s the information you need.

Note: I’m pretty certain it will take longer than usual for your parcels to arrive if you’re living outside of Sweden, considering this time of year with x-mas and whatnot coming up… So, please do NOT email me about your “missing” parcel unless we’re a few months into 2024. I can’t do jack shit about how the postal system works in your country, ok? But feel free to lemme know here, or thru when your ordered stuff is at your doorstep.

And as I always say; if you’re sceptic about your postal service you should ALWAYS pay for registered mail.

Also, there’s no need for you to mail me and ask why this album is not on Spotify as of now. It costs me more to put it there than what I ever get back since TPH is hardly a band with a ton of streams, so… I might put it there eventually. I might not. You’ll notice down the line.

With that said; the hugest thanx to all of you who have ordered a digipak. The circle is complete for “Abominations of the Ageless”.

Now, let me get to work and get all of your packages out.

Stay safe, everyone.

Posted by Lord K Philipson, December 12th, 2023 | Filed in Artwork, News, The Project Hate.