Deadmarch-album finally to see the light of day

If you have been hanging around our forums, as we always suggest, you have already found out about this… Anyways: The seed for TPH, the Deadmarch album that was recorded back in 1998 in Sunlight Studios with Tomas Skogsberg, will actually be released in 2007.

I’m awaiting the contract but I have gotten the offer and will sign it as soon as the papers arrive. We will re-master the whole thing with Dan Swanö at Unisound and then release it as it was recorded. This feels very nice since that album is very special to me in alot of ways. It was the thing that eventually made me form TPH.

It’s not like we’ll make any money off this, and basically I don’t fucken care for shit. All I want is that the label gets their money back for mastering and releasing it. I just think it’s a nice thing that it gets out, whenever that happens. And the label isn’t the same label that TPH’s secured a deal with, just to cut off further speculation. Vic Records bought the album and will release it in 2007. A definite releasedate will follow as soon as we have one.

Deadmarch: “The Project Hate MCMXCIX – Initiation of blasphemy” will come with a new cover and booklet made by Statik Majik, the hero who is responsible for everything TPH, graphics wise, as of the latest years. And it looks damn good

I don’t think any year in the past has started off this good before. Great things for TPH happening, Deadmarch being released and Insects getting a new deal as well… Insane.

Thanx for the neverending support, Haters.

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