Extra orders possible for the new shirt!

What is this about you might wonder… Well, For some reason I managed to get one of the 50 orders wrong, or actually – I had it written down but forgot to actually add a shirt to the total amount. The one affected by this already knows about it and will have his shirt, it’ll just take a little longer than for you other, lucky fucks. A sincere apology is made and he will also be compensated, so no worries.

But this means that since one shirt needs to be re-printed (and I’ll have to pay for the “frames” used for printing once again since they are washed out after the last print – don’t ask me how this printing shit works I’m just trying to explain, haha) we can actually take a few new orders, actually up until June 19th. This is becoz the printer naturally has other clients before he can do this single shirt, that’s why we can take eventual new orders since I’m paying for what’s needed to print this one shirt anyways. It’s not important if we get a few other orders or not – that single shirt will still be made, but here’s another chance for you to order it if you want to.

All the info you need for this is to be found here:

Click me.

If anyone else is wondering (this is for you guys who already ordered the shirt) – everything is packed and ready t be sent to you guys this week. You can check the post over at our forums here:

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Posted by Lord K Philipson, June 2nd, 2009 | Filed in Merch, News, The Project Hate.