In the meantime…

While I am composing like a like there’s no tomorrow for our next album, here’s another reminder for you to not miss out on the latest shirt we printed. There are currently only 26 copies left of it, so make sure to get yours today. All the info can be found in this thread over at our forums. Buy one, wear it to church and help us in our cause of annihilating all that is holy, one step at the time. Stay tuned for updates on the writing process as we go along. You sure are in for something else this time around. Actually, you are in for the exact same thing (almost) as you’ve grown accustomed to with us and our never-ending quality and domination. Only this time it’s even more of everything.

Lucky you.

Also, can the idiot running this Facebook page fucken delete it as requested? This is the only page on FB you should care about when it comes to The Hate.

As you were.

Posted by Lord K Philipson, September 5th, 2011 | Filed in Merch, News, The Project Hate.