Into the lungs of Hell…

I can point you in this direction to make it real easy. Read that and multiply it by 10 to know where I am at right now when it comes to working on this coming album. There are so many layers to this material it will take quite a while for you to figure everything out. And that’s what defines a great album in my opinion. You’ll see.In related news, Ruby just wrapped up her stuff for the second track and the videos she’s sent to me, showing me what she has in mind, are fucken phenomenal. The kid is on fire! Dirk is out doing drum clinics and whatnot but have informed me he’ll have plenty of time during June/July to record drums, which is awesome. Everything is still going according to plan, and that plan involves all kinds of domination. Trust me.

I actually videotaped some new guitar parts that I recorded yesterday, but for some reason the sound turned out awful and you couldn’t make out much of anything so I decided to delete them all. I might give it another shot when I feel like it, but video taping is not high on my agenda when it comes to completing this coming beast. We’ll see if I can get some shit up for ya on some other occasion. Now I’ll go back to the detail work and ill inform you as soon as something noteworthy is happening in the Hate camp.

Posted by Lord K Philipson, May 23rd, 2012 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.