Just a quick heads up about the shirts!

I have decided to change from Fruit Of The Loom to Gildan Soft Style. You shouldn’t have any problems with this change becoz the quality is absolutely excellent. The reason for this change is that I am currently wearing a Behemoth shirt that is Gildan Soft Style and I always thought it felt so smooth and excellent. The way it fits feels so much better than the regular shirts, so… there we go.

I’m wearing XXL on both brands without problem, so there should not be any issues with that. I believe Soft Style is made up to 2XL, possibly 3XL. Bigger sizes get the regular shirt, but that’s how it always work.

If you’re unhappy with this change and want a refund, you can of course have that. Just email me at theprojecthate@gmail.com and we’ll sort it. I’m only doing this becoz it ups the quality of the anniversary shirt in my opinion.

Oh, and no matter what the picture says, you can’t pre-order this beauty any longer. I will list eventual spare shirts for you all when everything has been sent out in a few weeks. Keep your eyes open for that if you feel like purchasing one.

That’s that.

Cheers, Haters!

Posted by Lord K Philipson, July 4th, 2019 | Filed in Artwork, Merch, News, The Project Hate.