Last day to order the new shirt!

Yes, today is your last chance to get your filthy pawns on this new full-colour shirt, displaying the beautiful artwork off our coming masterpiece “Bleeding the new apocalypse” (release date – Feb 14th thru Season Of Mist). I wanna take the opportunity to thank everyone who purchased one of these up until now. First thing tomorrow morning the design will be delivered to Helloil Printing Company, and they will start printing this one next week, meaning they should all be sent out in a couple of weeks. You will be notified about the process of everything over at our forums and at this very site, so keep checking in at these places.

Only a few more weeks until our 7th studio album hits the world, something we have waited for for quite a while now. The few reviews that have come in so far really shows it seems like people are understanding the brilliance of it. That is a great feeling. I can’t really wait for you guys to experience it as it is supposed to be experienced. From start to finish on a physical CD. Thank you so much, all of you who have pre-ordered a copy from me. There are still a few of these available of the 100 ones we have ordered from the label. Maybe we’ll have to order a few more as time flies by, but we have not reached those first 100 pre-orders yet – so if you wanna support The Hate, please, get your copy from us immediately. Help us ship a few copies and perhaps we can satisfy Season Of Mist and make sure the album sells a bit. We deserve it, and by now you now we do.

Gear up for the apocalypse. It’s coming. And it’s beautiful.

Posted by Lord K Philipson, January 27th, 2011 | Filed in Artwork, Merch, News, The Project Hate.