More geniuses inbound!

TPHI think I need to clarify one thing again, hopefully once and for all, becoz a few selected geniuses in this world obviously can’t understand the fact they should actually pay for our new album in order to hear it. What’s the world coming to, huh? Thing is, you know I had to deal with some absolutely retarded girl a few days ago, yes? She wanted the new album for free so she could review it, after all – she’s Queen Bee Fuckbucket of the Internetz Reviews, you know. She just couldn’t understand we would charge HER, Her Majesty Of Urine, money for our album. As mentioned, what’s the fucken world coming to?! We also get the occasional clownshoe on Facebook, squirting out his disappointed semen all over the place since he can’t steal the album at this point, and paying for it is insane, obviously. It’s too easy to block them and forget about them, so why do they even bother? The power of The Internetz, dammit!

Now, here’s the deal since some of these people just don’t get it, and I’ll use the words from our beloved forumer Eartmonger since he already said what I have in mind:

“What you seem to not understand is that TCRA wasn’t made to be reviewed. It wasn’t made to be listened to by anyone who wasn’t involved in the experiment. Thus, why it isn’t on YouTube. Or that other thing ( You are privileged to hear it at all.”

So, are we clear about this? I don’t want any reviews, I’m not sending out the album to get any reviews and I certainly do not care about reviews, at all. “TCRA” is made for the people who made it come alive and who buy it from us today. No one else. It wasn’t made for thieves, liars and Judas. As soon as you have bought the album from us, it’s yours to do what you want with it. We just ask you not to leak it and respect our work. That’s all.

What you ultimately decide to do with it is your choice.

Posted by Lord K Philipson, January 3rd, 2013 | Filed in News, The Project Hate.