More recording updates!

Jo finished up all her vocals yesterday and she’s done a terrific job. She definitely pulled off some unexpected things that we think you will enjoy and be surprised by when you hear it. Who knew she had it in her, the little one, haha… J’s also nailed 3 tunes so far, which means he’s still got 4 more songs to do asap. His vocals are put on hold this week though since he has some gigs with Krux to take care of. He should be back on track by next week though. We are still waiting for some guest parts to drop in as well. Things are shaping up to become a complete monster when it comes to this album…

If you wanna see some photos from Jo’s vocal sessions, go here and drool, you perv. We will post some videos and teasers as soon as we get around to creating those. That shit takes time and if there’s anything we don’t have shitloads of it is, yes – you guessed it, time. We are working on it though. In the meantime we can inform you that the shirts and hoodies are about to be packed and delivered in case you ordered one. Stand by yer mailbox now, you hear? We’ll be back shortly with more information about the recording process.

Posted by The Hate, January 27th, 2009 | Filed in Music, News.