Notification about iTunes issue!

Quite a few people have notified us about this. It seems like “Summoning majestic war” is being cut off too early on the iTunes version. for reasons we dont know. Someone were kind enough to mail us:

“I got my copy off iTunes and Summoning Majestic War ends abruptly at 9:44 (like, the lady is in the middle of singing and the music gets cut off and it goes to track 5). Was that a studio mistake? Otherwise, on the iTunes store they fucked the track.”

We have naturally informed Season Of Mist who’ve contacted iTunes to see what the fuck is up. SOM’s version plays all fine so it is definitely a problem at iTunes. Hopefully it gets fixed real soon coz it blows that you guys who bought it there have gotten cheated out of some minutes. They better make it up to you. In the meantime you can download the full high quality version here.

Update: We were just informed that this problem occurs at Spotify and Amazon as well. The ones responsible have been notified and the reply has been “Yes it has been redelivered.  Updating songs online takes between 4-8 weeks so hold tight.”

Posted by The Hate, February 24th, 2011 | Filed in Artwork, Music, News, The Project Hate.