One down, a few more to go…

Yes, after a few weeks of work the first tune for the next album is completed (meaning I will add tons and tons of small stuff as we go along, but the “real” work is done). I am not going to give away any details but there sure is some stuff in this one that you don’t really expect when it comes to TPH, and that says quite a bit. At the moment the inspiration is flowing endlessly and I have so much stuff to work into songs. Be sure you won’t see any 3-minute hits this time either. More like a bunch of 10+ minutes hits, haha… Anyways, this will be a long process before we are ready to record the next masterpiece, but I thought it’d be nice to inform you about everything as we go along – no matter how long it takes. I can also reveal that we will have a bunch of newly designed shirts in a few weeks. No need to pre-order though, just wait until they have arrived and we will have all the necessary information available for you. Besides that, we have updated our biography a little. Go check it out.

Stay tuned for more Domination.

Posted by Lord K Philipson, June 29th, 2011 | Filed in Merch, News, The Project Hate.