Shirt orders are no more!

You missed out on this one, bitch!


First off, make sure to read the post below this one in case you ordered a shirt sized 3XL and above, ok?

Second, thank you so much – all of you who made it worthwhile to go thru with this shirt. I’m extremely happy to see that as many as 80 or so people decided to purchase one. I truly appreciate the support, let that be known.

Now I will place the order with the printers at Helloil and I should have everything delivered to me within a couple of weeks. When the shirts have arrived it’ll take me an evening or 2 to pack everything before bring able to send them on their way to you, Haters. I will of course keep you informed on the process as we go along. Just keep an eye on this page. Also, I’d appreciate it if you let me know when your order arrives eventually.

As always, there’s been a few pre-orders from people who haven’t bothered to pay for their claimed items just yet… These shirts will be up for grabs later on if payment doesn’t come in. Keep an eye on that, ok?

As soon as everything is sent out you’ll be notified at our official Facebook page.

Last off, huge thanx to Seiya at Ogino Design for the excellent work for this piece of merch. You’re awesome, my friend.

Now, stay tuned for “Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures”, planned to arrive by the end of 2016.

It will be glorious.


Posted by Lord K Philipson, September 25th, 2016 | Filed in Merch, News, The Project Hate.