Shirts and cd’s go out next week!

To all of you who pre-ordered “The Lustrate Process”:

The distributors in the UK just informed us that the cd’s will be sent to me on Monday. Both the label and me were told they would be sent yesterday, July 1st, but since they have relocated the warehouse and shit, it’s been delayed until Monday, July 6th. Not too bad anyways, I guess. This means I should, emphasis on should, have them next week and then they go out to you all.

Thanx for the patience.

To all of you who made an order for the extra run of the shirts:

The shirts are printed and have been sent to me and those should arrive on Monday as well. You who ordered both a shirt and a CD, I will naturally wait until the cd’s arrive until sending them packages to you but you who only ordered a shirt, those goes out as soon as I have gotten them from the postal office.

Again, thanx so much for the support. It means the world to us.

Up the (hate) irons! Eh…

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