Shirts left and more news on the writing process…

First things first. What you see to the left is a me and The Tool of Doom, Death and Domination. Yeah, that would be my beloved Xiphos, my companion in writing the best music you ever heard. Anyways, just a quick heads-up on the process incoming.

Last week I finished up the second track for the next album and it turned out excellent. I aimed for a little different approach in this one and I am very satisfied with the outcome. But now to the funny thing, as I was working with that track, putting down the final touches on it, this particular riff just downright dawned on me. So I started to work on the 3rd track right away (besides that, I have 2 more that are under construction) and suddenly a huge part of that one was composed. It’s beautiful when that shit happens. Inspiration is just pissing down on me and when I listen to what I have composed so far (and what my beloved band mates have said), I have no doubt that this will be a very natural step from “BTNA” towards another level for what we can, and will, do with the coming album. As I have stated (and you’ll hear it many more times during this process) before, we still have a very long way to go before this one is recorded and released – but keeping you updated regularly feels like the right thing to do. You who give a shit about what we do absolutely deserve it. If you have any questions about this coming album or anything else TPH-related, do not hesitate to join our forums and communicate with us. We are there for you.

Also, there are still shirts left that I’d like to get rid of. Click this link and show us your support. I sure thought we’d get rid of 60 shirts easily, but it doesn’t really look like it so far, haha… Thanx to you who already did your duty and bought one. It’s highly appreciated.

I’ll get back to composing now, coz as you know – I have an album of insanity to complete.

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