So, how’s it going?


Once again it’s been a while since we last spoke, simply becoz there’s not much to report. Let’s get this shit out of the way.

On September 20th we were at exactly $7255,06 of the $10000 goal needed to complete our 13th album. 193 people (as well as a few purchases through Bandcamp and CD Baby, the sales of the anniversary shirt and multiple people donating more than once) got us that far.

Since then, 4 (FOUR!) more people have contributed, so we’re now at $7509,43 (digital sales from the just mentioned services once again included)! Yeah, it’s slow but it’s going in the right direction at least.

So, today is October 3rd. That’s my birthday, you know. You can celebrate this fantastic event by telling your friends and enemies to help us get to $10000 rather sooner than later. Or all of you who already donated can donate AGAIN on this special day becoz I am fucken downright amazing! How about that?

Seriously though, for the millionth time; all the info anyone need to be able to help us out is found here. Spread the word. Share this post. Whatever you see fit.

With that said, I will not be very fucken active (meaning, even less than I am now) on either Facebook or Instagram until there’s something major to announce (such as reaching the remaining $8000, $9000 and $10000 levels and/or when the recordings have moved forward big time). I’m sure you are as tired of hearing me bitch about the slow donation progress as I am to point it out every now and then, so… fuck that noise completely.

Anyways, the following might be of interest to you who give a shit about TPH:

Candlemass lead guitar hero Lasse Johansson put down all of his work last weekend, and I don’t really have to tell you it sounds spectacular.

Jörgen Sandström has one more song to put down vocals for, which should happen shortly.

Ellinor Asp’s plans are to have her work completed by the end of October.

Drumming phenomenon Dirk Verbeuren has tracked half the album, so he should also be done by the end of October, if all goes as planned.

Graphics artist Marko Saarelainen will make his return album cover art wise for this one, which is something I am extremely happy about! Marko’s been with us since pretty much the beginning and has handled the majority of our album covers over the years. Then kids, work and bla bla bla craved all of his attention so he’s passed on doing the last 2 covers (but he did everything else packaging wise for those albums). Now he once again has the time to create some majestic artwork and it feels fantastic as we’re having our 20 year anniversary with the planned 13th piece of our discography. Welcome back, brother!

I am working my balls off every day with everything else regarding this beast.

That’s that.

Basically, all we can do now is finalize this as far as we can and then wait for the budget to be reached so we can mix and master the damn thing once again with the mighty Dan Swanö at Unisound. Hopefully it will be done in early 2020, but that’s out of my hands to decide. It all depends on when we reach the monetary target, obviously.

Until next time, huge “thank you!” to all of you 197 beautiful donating muthafuckers who have chipped in to get us this far. The same goes out to you people who bought the anniversary shirt and/or have supported the cause of us reaching the budget by paying for some of our music through the available digital services.

I’m very grateful for it.


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