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Greetings and Salutations, Haters!

It’s been quite a while since we last talked so let’s get right into it, shall we?
Almost 5 months ago we released out 14th album, “Spewing Venom into the Eyes of Deities”. To be very humble about it, we sure delivered something beyond spectacular! Huge thanx for all the e-mails and feedback, showing your love for this beast of a recording. Still to this day I couldn’t be happier with it and it truly puts a smile on my old face to see how much of a liking you heroes take in our latest creation.
None of you seem to have leaked it onto the Internet either, which is extremely surprising since it’s been, as mentioned, 5 months already. Either way, I truly appreciate it coz by now you all should know that the albums I make with TPH these days are only meant for you who make it possible to create them through your donations, meaning I can actually pay everyone involved for their efforts and realize my musical vision to the best of my capabilities.
It’s nice to see all of you treating it like that, like your own private possession, at least up to this point in time.
It never made sense to me why someone would want to support a TPH album by donating and then hand it out to everyone so they can just steal it instead of buying it from me, you know. Our sales are pretty much non-existing, and obviously that’s not why I do this, but every sold copy (digital or physical) is welcomed since it eventually gets me a beer or a pack of strings, haha… You know, stuff that helps creativity big time… like… beer or… strings.
Now when I have gotten all this shit out of the way, let’s get to the real reason for this post, huh?
This time around, for reasons unknown to man, I have received way more e-mails than usual asking about physical digipaks. Is CD making its way back? I dunno about that, but it’s nice that you ask for it! And you know me, I aim to please like a muthafucker. Just ask my wife.
This means that digipaks are right now being made for “Spewing Venom into the Eyes of Deities”!
Everything was sent to the digipak manufacturing company today and I should have these in my possession, ready to be shipped out, in some 3-4 weeks (that would be like the first week of May if nothing goes haywire)!
So, you may now put in your orders if you feel like owning yet another piece of TPH history in limited edition physical format. Happy times, huh?
A few notes here;
– Since the world is not really what it was a year or two ago when I last made digipaks (Swedish postage is raised, prices for padded envelopes are up, manufacturing digipaks cost more, PayPal fee, etc) I will unfortunately have to charge a little more for them now in 2022 compared to previous editions.
– Printing such low quantities as a couple of hundred discs is also more costly per digipak than a larger quantity, naturally. But I can’t have a few hundred unsold digipaks laying around the house to no good use. You’ve heard pretty much all of this before and I’m sure you understand the situation.
What I will also do this time around is to limit how many digipaks you can buy, becoz of this;
– People have informed me that there are cunts at various sites who charge insane amounts for older, sold out TPH albums that I’ve released through the TPH imprint Mouth Of Belial Productions. I’m guessing these come from people who buy more than 1 copy for the sole reason of selling them to make a profit, hindering a “real” TPH supporter to buy the album in question when I have it up for sale. I rather that you get the album from me at the normal price. That’s all.
So, you will only be able to buy ONE copy. Again, that is… ONE COPY per person.
Hopefully this gives any Hater that truly wants this digipak for “Spewing Venom into the Eyes of Deities” a fair chance of getting one of these very limited gems without going bankrupt. I’m sure you understand this too.
230 SEK.
Payment through PayPal to theprojecthate@gmail.com.
Make a note that says “DIGIPAK SPEWING”, and for the love of all things unholy: MAKE SURE YOUR ADDRESS IS IN THE NOTE when you pay! You’d be surprised if I told you how many of them orders in the past have had no address attached which makes for extra work that I definitely can do without.
Also, and this is unfortunately very important;
– Parcels to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are, according to the Swedish Postal System, unlikely to get to their recipients.
– If you’re in a country that is shady to some extent when it comes to delivering your mail I STRONGLY advice you to pay for registered mail. Depending on where you live in this world it’s somewhere between 8-14 US dollars. If you wish to do this you need to contact me about it so I can check the exact cost for it. Please understand that I can’t take any responsibility for your package to arrive after I have mailed it out. If it’s lost, it’s lost. You’ll have to talk to your local postal office about any issues if/when they occur. That shit is out of my hands.
If you’re a fellow Swede and wanna pay through Swish or whatever, just contact me through theprojecthate@gmail.com and we’ll figure things out.

Last off; I ‘d like to extend the hugest “thanx!” to all of you who have asked for physical copies to be made once again, just like so many times in the past. I truly cherish the support shown from the start of every TPH Donation Experiment to this; the final stage when the album in question becomes a real thing that you can actually touch.
I’m not taking anything of this for granted and all of this is happening becoz of YOU, the Haters. I can never state that enough.
TPH is what it is becoz you make it possible. Take that to heart. I definitely do.
I’ll keep you updated as/if/when the amount of available digipaks start to run out, so you know.
That’s that! Spread the word so I can get rid of these digipaks and we’ll talk later.
Be well.

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