The work, the blood, the joy.

Things are moving forward tremendously here in the Hate camp. I am currently working my ass off on the second track for our next album and the countless of hours/days/weeks/months I put into this sure is paying off when I listen to what I have created so far. Ex-TPH guitarist Anders was over at The Dungeon some weeks ago and got to hear what we are cooking up for this coming recording, and in his own words: “This is the best TPH I have ever heard. You are really taking it to another level now”. And we are. There is something about this whole process that just comes together in a way that is different to anything we have done in the past. I am challenging myself more than I have ever done before, and it feels great. It is also frustrating when it comes to recording coz being too picky can be a giant bitch. Small things that no one will ever notice but me have to be a 100% perfect or I can’t let go of it. But as mentioned, it pays off. Knowing the people I have with me on this makes it even more incredible to compose for our 9th album (that includes the Deadmarch piece) coz I know their capacity and there’s really nothing I can’t do to fulfill the vision I have music wise. Again, I can never thank them enough.

As I have said before there’s a long fucken way to go still before this one is actually recorded. I haven’t even decided on how many tracks I am aiming for – I’ll just let it come naturally. When the material is finished – it is finished. Simple as that. I also have tons of ideas for guest parts that I’d love to have on the next recording. If it’s actually doable is another question, but I sure will try my hardest to make it come true. That would just be the icing on the cake and a personal goal achieved. Wish me luck, haha… You’ll get continuous updates about the writing process as we go along and perhaps I’ll throw in a video clip or 2 along the way. We’ll see…

As I mentioned earlier there are new shirts coming soon too. There will be but 60 pieces available and they will look something like this:

Click it to get a better idea of the design. Prices and information will come as soon as the shirts have arrived. Keep an eye on this site and over at our forums so you won’t miss out on this one when they are available. Anyways, I’ll head back to composing now. We have an album to write, you know.

Thanx so much for giving a shit and for supporting The Hate.

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