TPH in Rock Band – news!

From the mouths of the guys who chartered our song for this:

“<Dr Nick> Good News, Everybody </Dr Nick>

Notwithstanding the obscure Simpsons reference, the song passed peer review last night – now we’re just waiting on two things before it shows up online:

a) Final approval by Harmonix (this should be a mere formality)
b) The record label to fill out and send the forms back to Harmonix giving them permission to host and distribute the track.

Both are hopefully in the pipeline, so I’m pretty optimistic that the song should hit the store in the next few days.

I will also be posting a full video on YouTube just before it releases, so anybody who might be keen to get the chart can check it out beforehand.”

Keep an eye on our forums and this topic so you won’t miss out when the song is available for downloading. Again, we thank the guys who chartered this tune and made a fantastic job with it. You are phenomenal.

Posted by The Hate, March 8th, 2010 | Filed in Music, News, The Project Hate.