While working on the coming album…

Shameless promotion here for something else than the new recording of ours, but hear me out here coz it seems like someone doesn’t want me and Mr. Swanö to win this thing that you’ll read about in this post.

You might know I mentioned that I did a song for a commercial for pain killers, just becoz the entries fucken blew and I wanted to have a laugh with it? Here’s the YouTube vid for it that explains everything. Well, I persuaded Swanö to do some excellent vocals for it and he did so, obviously. What is the weirdest thing in this whole shit is that we have apparently made it to the finals with a 1 minute blasting death metal track, haha… So, now I want you lot to go to this page. You’ll end up with this picture. Click the song the arrow points to and press the full 5 stars in the upper right corner (or press 1 star if you think it blows, which is impossible). Close the page. That’s all you need to do. You can do so multiple times if you feel like it. Thing is, me and Swanö could actually win 50000 SEK if this tune ends up the winner. We’d spend that money on… stuff.

But seriously, there’s no fucken chance in hell something like this can win and get on national TV, but to make the company in charge of the product aware of this kind of music might open some doors in the future for other people, which is something I truly think shouldn’t be denied. Get the metal of death into Sweden’s national TV, now that’s a nice thought.

Go there, vote – spread the word.

And here’s the update I was referring to in the beginning of this post.

Seems like all those Facebook “likes” for our tune have been deleted for some reason. We were leading big time when it comes to those, but now they are at zero (slowly building up again, thanx to you guys)… very weird. I have no idea what happened but go there and “like” it again, all of you. And, as mentioned, spread the word. Show the company there’s tremendous support for this kind of music.

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