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Another goal reached!

It is in amazement that I announce the fact we have now reached 2000 dollars in donations. Forumer and TPH supporter Obsidian just made sure we crossed the 2000 dollar mark.  I can never fucken ever begin to explain how thankful I am for your support, everyone. We are almost halfway to the 5000 dollar goal now, which means if this continues – the next album recording is a reality in 2012. Completely astonishing on all accounts. You guys who have donated, no matter how much or little, you are the ones making this come alive – if it does. Safe to say you have pitched in to what will be another statement of the TPH agenda – one that will be more vicious, more blasphemous and definitely more dominating than ever before. Even if we avoid the light at all costs, there is some goddamn light in the end of this tunnel it seems. Thank you.

Continue to spread the word about The TPH Donation Experiment and make sure people find out about it, helping us to somewhat revolutionize the business and show them it can be done like this now. And again, if you feel like supporting us by buying a shirt (where the money goes straight into The Experiment, just click this link.

Again – thank you.

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We have a mission to complete…

While in the middle of moving to my new house (The Dungeon is moved last, of course, in case there’s something popping up that I just need to record ) it seems I can’t really let the music be… I have started to seriously compose for the 6th track now, slowly building this monster up. As I usually point out – there’s a long, long way to go before this one is finished. I have created a few minutes already though, which feels awesome. I have had this riff in my head for a while and now it was the right time to actually create something out of it. Safe to say it’s a brutal piece for this track…

I listened thru the completed tunes last week and it really shows we have upped ourselves yet again. My plan is to write 2 more songs, meaning the album will have 7 diabolical symphonies in total (none of them is a 3-minute wonder, just so you know, haha). It will take the time it takes. We won’t rush a thing with this album. And of course, we can’t record anything until we have the funds for it – so don’t forget the TPH Donation Experiment. Or buy a shirt. Or one of the very few albums we have left. Every cent goes into the funds for recording.

“Bleeding the new apocalypse” is still the epitome of what TPH is about, but that’s only becoz this coming one isn’t recorded yet.

You will see.

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Don’t have PayPal but still wanna donate?

Then take note, we have a new bank account for TPH. In case you have the old one saved that we have used for merch orders and whatnot in the past – delete that one since it’s not valid anymore.

From now on, this is the information you need if you feel like donating for the cause of us being able to record the eventual next masterpiece:

Lekebergs Sparbank: 8164-6,4 234 547-0
IBAN: SE60 8000 0816 4600 4234 5470

Thanx to everyone who have given a shit about TPH this far when it comes to donations and support. We truly appreciate it.

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We still have shirts left!

Feel like contributing to The TPH Donation Experiment but do not feel like actually giving money away becoz it’s “cheaper” to download our music? Well, you can’t download our goddamn shirts, how about that?! In all seriousness, we still have a bunch of shirts left and every cent of the sales of those go into the recording of our next album. All you need to do is click this link and you’ll find all the information you need as for how to order one or two of these magnificent bastards:

You can click the link I posted above in case you are interested in actually seeing what it says on the back. It’s nothing you’d wear while going to church on Sunday, let’s put it like that. Then again – if you are a church-goer you clearly are visiting the wrong fucken site. Anyways, the shirts are of the highest quality, so do not hesitate – order your piece now and help us reach the goal so we can record the next masterpiece in 2012.

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Want another update? Sure you do…

Just a quick note. I looked thru all the donations now and checked how many people chipped in a dollar or more so far. Are you ready for this? Here it comes… Brace yourselves…



So far this means 43 people actually gives a fuck whether a new TPH album comes out or not, haha… It could also mean we have like 43 fans out there. Metallica released “Lulu”, THEY should have 43 fans at most – not us, dammit! If I divide the 1800 dollars we have gotten so far, that means each and everyone donated roughly 43 bucks or so. But to have reached 1800 dollars with so few donations is very impressive and I can never thank you guys enough for giving a shit. Hopefully this picks up. Spread the word. We need another 43 people donating 40 bucks each and we’re like home, haha…

In other news: as I am in the middle of moving to my new house (not bought with donations, really) you know the song writing’s been in pause mode for a while. This doesn’t mean I am not writing anything. I just spent this morning (as well as a bunch of other mornings, as usual) working with some new stuff that I will eventually get into real songs as soon as the move is completed and we are settled in our new home. As I have said a ton of times before, I can’t wait to sink my teeth into everything I have lying around coz there’s some great brutality and beauty in there, you know.

Stay tuned for more updates, as always. And don’t forget to head over to our forums and interact with us. That’s what said forums are for.

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