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Not an update about the recording, how about that?

No, instead we have chosen to highlight a very, very fine piece about our discography up until this point in time. Move your ass over to The Rickety Old Shack and get a full (over)dose of praise and well-written stuff from a Canadian hero (pictured to the left) at this location. We thank him very much for this brilliant article. Before we leave you, haven’t you bought the red logo shirt yet? Then do so.

(And yes, the process on completing this coming album is going great. What the hell did you think?)

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Just another small heads-up for The Haters!

As you all know, Tobben will not be doing the drums on the coming album, yes? But that doesn’t mean he’s not going to be on the album anyways, you know. Yesterday he spent some time at Big Balls Productions’ studio laying down some stuff for you to admire when you eventually get to hear the album. Thanx to Mats and Big Balls for taking the time to record Tobben’s work of the Devil for this coming magnum opus. In related new there’s not too much to report. J is rehearsing his stuff for when the time comes to start recording his inhuman vocals at A.R.T. Studios, Stockholm. Our girl Ruby is working hard on her stuff and has a few more songs to do before she can be tracked down in Portugal. Drummer extra-ordinaire Dirk is traveling around doing drum clinics and will put down his major part in June/July. Guitar hero Mike Wead’s prolly being an all-out vampire at the moment, waiting to get his stuff down as soon as he can find the time. Things are still going according to plan and when I said this beast will come alive in 2012, that’s what I meant. Hopefully nothing will fuck this up, so keep crossing your horns and we’ll continue in this fine pace – making everything perfect. To tease you just a little more, to the right you can see another small piece of the cover, courtesy of Marko Saarelainen.

I am so fucken proud of what we are creating right now, you will understand when you hear it. Anything else is just wrong.

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Into the lungs of Hell…

I can point you in this direction to make it real easy. Read that and multiply it by 10 to know where I am at right now when it comes to working on this coming album. There are so many layers to this material it will take quite a while for you to figure everything out. And that’s what defines a great album in my opinion. You’ll see.In related news, Ruby just wrapped up her stuff for the second track and the videos she’s sent to me, showing me what she has in mind, are fucken phenomenal. The kid is on fire! Dirk is out doing drum clinics and whatnot but have informed me he’ll have plenty of time during June/July to record drums, which is awesome. Everything is still going according to plan, and that plan involves all kinds of domination. Trust me.

I actually videotaped some new guitar parts that I recorded yesterday, but for some reason the sound turned out awful and you couldn’t make out much of anything so I decided to delete them all. I might give it another shot when I feel like it, but video taping is not high on my agenda when it comes to completing this coming beast. We’ll see if I can get some shit up for ya on some other occasion. Now I’ll go back to the detail work and ill inform you as soon as something noteworthy is happening in the Hate camp.

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Self-constructive once again…

This past weekend I have really devoted myself to even further enhance the material for our next album, with great results. And I am not done yet. The inspiration is obviously pouring down on me and I can’t get enough of what we are creating now. J paid me a visit this past Saturday and just hung out for a while, which was real good. He’s ready to enter the studio to start recording his vocals as soon as there is an opportunity in between family life/superstar life and life in general. I have tons of ideas still unused that I’ll start working on asap, stuff that will put even more domination into this coming album. I have never felt more inspired in my life when it comes to creating music, and to work with this material is a joy, to put it mildly. You all know Tobben won’t be drumming on this next piece, but be sure he’ll be included in some other areas instead, hehe… Just wanted to give you a small heads up on the process of the work I am currently doing. If time allows it I’ll try to make some videos eventually. That shit takes time though, so I rather invest that in the creation of this monster. I think you understand.

Stay tuned for more updates as soon as something noteworthy is happening.

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And yet another update!

I won’t be long now, just a few words to let you in on what’s up in The Hate Camp. No groundbreaking news, but fuck it. Anyways, what’s happening right now is that I am throughly dissecting everything (again… and again… and again…) as far as orchestras, loops, guitars and bass go. It’s always great to let the material rest for a bit and then go back and see if there’s anything that can be improved. Working like this, with no deadlines, is excellent and it really gives me the time to put my everything into this album. I have said it before, but you’ll definitely notice how we have stepped up yet another notch when you get to hear this beautiful offspring of pure devilry.

Dirk is recording his drums in between his busy schedule of drum clinics and being a superhero. Ruby is sending over stuff every week for me to approve (and goddamn is she approved!) and J is going thru the stuff I have recorded for him when the time comes for him to start putting down his work in ART Studios, Stockholm. I have yet to hear what Mike Wead is cooking up solo-wise, but you know that guy delivers with the best of them considering he’s one of the best damned guitar players to walk this earth. I know Lasse Johansson (of Candlemass fame) is anxious to get into the studio and deliver his parts too, and he will do so as soon as possible. Things are coming together piece by piece, and just becoz I might repeat myself with these updates (or do not report much at all at times) doesn’t mean things are not being worked on. They are… trust me.

Now, if you excuse me, I’ll go back to more seriously deranged detail work.

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