“Armageddon March Eternal”

March 2nd

Today Michael recieved the tunes so he can now start working with the bass. On another sidenote I was downtown today talking to the guy who we are going to record Jo’s vocals mostly with. A real good guy and a talented vocalist who will be able to bring out the best out of Jo. This guy’s been working with some vocalists over the years and made them better than ever. We look forward to it.

March 6th

I talked to bassist Michael this last Friday and he’s currently recording bass for the album. Sometime this week I’ll get some material to listen to and I look forward to hear what he’s been doing with our stuff. The coming weekend I’m off to Stockholm to record the vocals with J.

I just came up with the idea of using some backing vocalists when me and J do the vocals next weekend. Caligula is out touring though so he’s not an option, which is a great shame. Me and J are discussing some people, we’ll see what we end up with, if anyone. We have approached a bunch of other cool fucks though and I have already thought out where some of them will do their vocals. If everything goes as planned we’ll have some seriously fucked up backing vocals from some of the elite-players. Or something. At least everyone knows about them. Or some of them. Or not. Fuck it.

March 7th

I just talked in all of the lyrics for J and sent him the tunes. We figured it might be a good time that he goes thru the shit and sees what I have in mind as far as vocal-lines goes, haha…

March 13th

J in studioWe had a terrific day yesterday and J nailed 4 songs, the last 3 will be done today. I seriously haven’t heard J sound this good before, just like I figured he’d do. He’s done some insane fucken shit this time around and there were alot of good laughs in the studio yesterday. There’s one specific part that will make you guys shit and I don’t think J’s done anything like that in the past. Can’t wait to get to the studio and listen to it again. It seems like some (hopefully) 5-10 people will show up for the backing vocals today as well and that’s going to be hilarious to say the least.

Off Beat StudiosWe have really topped ourselves by far with this piece and I can hardly wait to get some tune for you guys to listen to, but it’ll take some more time for sure before that happens. In 4 hours we are off to the studio again to complete the vocal-sessions of J.

March 14th

Troops of DevastationI just got home now after 2 excellent days in the studio. I have a bunch of pictures as well that I will upload for yer pleasure prolly tomorrow but now I need to sleep for some good hours. Lemme just tell you that it was pretty fucken nice to see 14 people (some you know, some you don’t) coming into the studio today for the backing vocals. 14 fucken people, haha… That was a good laugh to say the least. And yes, we have photos of them all.

J’s outdone himself with these vocals this time around, lemme tell you that, and some of his work is definitely the lowest in his career. You will love this shit.

DrumkitPeople in the studioTroops of DevastationTroops of Devastation

March 16th

Mikael called me last night and informed me about the bass. He’s been having some computer-problems but decided to travel 200 kilometer’s last night to get a brand new computer to be able to start recording today. He’s might pissed and said “now it’s going to be some evil on this album”, haha… So, I’m starting to get J’s vocals into the computer today, then I just wait for the bass tracks and in 2 weeks Jo’s vocals will be done. After that we are off to mixing the shit.

March 17th

I’m sitting here now doing all of J’s vocals and I finally got the Troops of Devastation’s choirs. Fuck me with a hockeystick, this shit is so massive half would be enough. J sounds excellent, better than ever, the choirs sound insane and the material is so fucken strong it’s unbelievable. I have no idea how me and Mazza came up with this shit but not only does it beat HDCE, it fucken pisses on it, and you guys know that is one fucken masterpiece of an album.

March 21st

Dan was at my place getting the harddrive last night as he’ll now start to look for a suitable sound for this album. We still need to get the bass and Jo’s vocals but at least he has something to work with now. Jo’s vocals will be put down the first weekend of April and I’m waiting for a phonecall from bassist Michael to see if he has progressed for shit yet.

March 22nd

I just got a really neat suprise today… A few days ago I asked someone to speak a few lines for the album, to be included somewhere and today I got the file in my mail. Of course I won’t tell you who it is, but I’m happy like a fag in a cock-store.

March 24th

Michael has now nailed a few tracks for the album. The reason it’s been taking a little while is becoz of fucken computer-problems. He feels he’s holding us back since it’s taking longer than planned but I assured him it’s no problem. The stuff I have heard over the phone that he’s done is fucken magnificent.

March 26th

I just got off the phone with Dan Swanö… He re-amped the guitars last night and this guy is not known for being overly generous when it comes to complimenting someone’s work on an album.

He just made my day actually as he had a fucken 5-minute rant about how fucken awesome the guitars are, how good they are played and everything. I was quite suprised actually. I believe his exact words were “This is definitely among the best guitars I have ever heard played on an album. I have probably heard the guitars more than you have yourselves now and there’s so much fucken attitude and aggression to that playing, the damn overtones and everything. I’m very impressed. You guys deserve the cred so much.” That was real fucken cool to say the least. I know me and Mazza are good and all, but that coming from him just made my day, haha… He pretty much knows what he’s talking about you know. I have never heard Dan this fucken worked up with an album before.

March 28th

Well, we are hurrying things as much as we can, which means we are taking it very easy, haha… Thing is that we have no deadline this time and becoz we are recording in different places as well as being forced to time in when to do vocals and all, some weeks passes in between takes you know. Effective time spent on the album is not very much, but we didn’t have a 2-week studio-session this time around, as bands usually do (or 3, or 4, you get the point). I can easily say that this album wouldn’t be what it is if we wouldn’t have done it this way this time. We had all the time in the world, and it really shows in the outcome.

Anyways, yes, Jo will do her vocals this coming weekend. Saturday and Sunday it is. On another sidenote, I’m off to the studio today to make sure all of the guitars were pre-amped properly and Dan didn’t forget anything about them. I got an e-mail from him last night where he was raving like a fucken madman about this album. He had sorted drumsounds and started working in-depth with this piece. His last words in the mail was ” – I pick you up around 12, I’M STOKED AS FUCK ABOUT THIS EFFORT!”

March 29th

Just talked to Dan again and he’s raving like a mutha about this piece now. I have never heard him like this really and I think that’s a good thing. He’s tracked all the keyboards individually today, listening to every little thing about them and he’s been complimenting us as fuck claiming this work is insane. he really digs the keys as they “have been so much worked on” etc etc.. He likes it and I’m sure he’ll do some excellent shit with this. He’s currently working on finding a great sound for the album and he’s very, very chuffed so far. I have yet to hear it but I take his word on it sounding killer. I can’t wait to get the bass and Jo’s vocals in there, after that all hell will break loose.

March 30th

Anyways, one more step completed for the album, I just went thru J’s vocals and corrected all of the lyrics for the booklet. A small thing but still a thing needed to be done.

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