“Armageddon March Eternal”

(Due to some bullshit there’s a few days missing here in between up til this date. Not much to do about that but enjoy what’s still being offered:)

May 9th

Just got home from Dan’s again after a few days being away from the mix since I have been in Finland. Well, we sorted the small details for track 3 now and also did a first mix for the 4th one. Now I’ll go thru this one until tomorrow evening when we will fix those eventual details and start working on the 5th one. We are on a fucken roll now it seems and we will mix all days but Friday/Saturday and Sunday, which means we could have like 6 songs ready after this week.

May 10th

Anyways, just came home from Swanö after sorting small details in the 4 previous mixed tracks and we also did the first mix for the 5th song. I listened to it on my way to Hannastacia’s and damn, I think this is my fave-song on the goddamn album. At least that’s how it feels right now. I’ll be at Dan’s tomorrow as well to sort any eventual details in this one and start mixing track 6. We are close now people…

May 11th

1 o’clock in the middle of the night and I just got home from Dan’s. Small details fixed here and there in the tunes already mixed and another one completed for checking until tomorrow’s session, which is the last session this week. We now have 6 songs down and 2 to go. We plan on having this monster ready for print in 2 weeks. As soon as we are done with the 2 last songs we’ll take a break from this mixing-session for a week and then I’ll go thru all the material a final time and check if there’s anything that needs to be adjusted but as it sounds so far, not much will be.

May 12th

Oh my fucken cock… I just came home from Swanö after mixing the 7th song. I think we just outdid ourselves on this one and managed to create some really insane fucken shit in it. I have a version in my mp3-player that I’ll use to look for stuff to be corrected, but damn it sounds so sweet. Now I’ll have the weekend to go thru all of the stuff, except for the last track which we will mix on Monday, and make notes if anything needs our attention. It feels fucken killer so far to say the least. I think I’ll just listen to the stuff again now.

May 18th

So, I just got home from Dan’s after mixing the last track and sorting the details in number 7 that needed fixing. Now all that’s left is to listen to this completed material (of which I will get a copy tomorrow) and see if there are any final changes I would like to do on this piece of Domination. We are so close to being finished now, it’s silly. Feels like we have been recording this for quite some time, but if you have in mind the actual hours spent on it it’s not that much after all. It’s just been going on for a decent amount of days, which feels excellent with the proof in hand. Fuck guys, we are 90 % finished now. Time for Threeman to set a releasedate, which might be hard seing they don’t even answer mails these days, haha…

May 19th

Dan will probably bring me the latest version of the album to go thru this evening and then we’ll make the final stuff next week.

May 28th

A few days ago we did the (almost) last changes to the album that needed correcting and you could say we are 99.9% finished with it all now. Now there’s only some final proof-listening to do before we consider it all summed up and then we move on to mastering it. Threeman plans to get this bitch out in October, you should count the days for the album that will change your miserable life.

We are very proud of what we have accomplished this time around and we have definitely brought the band to a new level. In October you will know.

Get ready for Armageddon.

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