And we move forward yet again…

After spending yesterday going thru the recorded guitars and doing some fix-ups, all the Xiphos work is now done for the third track. And yeah, so is the bass. I’ll check the mentioned low-end closer for eventual shit to be replayed after I am done with the orchestral arrangements which are about halfway completed. Some of the guitars for this one were quite a bitch to nail actually, but it turned out great in the end after some frustrating sessions and insane downstroke picking de luxe. So, what we have here now is (soon) 3 completed tunes for our next album. And already we have passed 30 minutes of material, with just fucken 3 songs. Yes, I am not making it easy on myself so do not expect to hear this new album on the radio anytime soon, ok? Anyways, the process goes on and as soon as the orchestral bits are arranged for this one I am moving on to the fourth one. I can’t believe it’s gone this fast to compose for album 8 – it’s just beautiful when it happens, as mentioned before.

Stay tuned for continuous updates on everything, and once again – BUY THE DAMN SHIRT WE JUST PRINTED!

Posted by Lord K Philipson, August 8th, 2011 | Filed in Merch, Music, News, The Project Hate.