I’m going to put on some Bolt Thrower right now and get down to business. I suggest you do the same. The Bolt Thrower part that is, ok?

So, here we go; finally I can properly address everything that happened with the 6th TPH Donation Experiment during the weekend. I just had to sleep and spend 8 hours at work first. Livin’ la vida loca, damnit!

Oh, man – there’s so fucken many things to go through now so prepare yourselves for yet another lengthy and quite possibly tedious/awesome rant courtesy of Your King, ok?

Almost 5 months ago to the day, at March 25th this year, I fired up the 6th Experiment. I did this in a time where a lot of people were (and still are) struggling with jobs, health and much more important things due to Covid-19.  For this reason I had less hope than ever that this 6th one would be a success in a foreseeable future. And if it would eventually work out I had envisioned it to take way, way longer than the 6 months or so it has taken with each past Experiment.

Coz let it be known I NEVER count on the fact that it can be done.

I never take for granted that I will be able to do this without a label, that I will have the luxury to hire people and pay them to fulfill my vision when it comes to this thing you know as TPH. As said, I will never fucken ever take it for granted. This is very important. You hear me say “thank you” quite a bit, and to me that is even more important coz you people out there, 99% of you I have never even met, put so much fucken faith into what I do you deem it worthy to donate money towards the Experiments so I can record and release TPH the way I want to. Without even hearing a goddamn note of what’s to come. I am extremely humble to that fact, and being humble is not my middle name (it’s actually Daemon, but that’s beside the point, haha).

What this comes down to it; this COULD NEVER be done without your monetary support, obviously. TPH could have called it quits almost a decade ago when I gave up on being on a record label. You people have made 5 albums come alive since then, and now the 6th is in the pipeline! That’s completely fucken downright bonkers!

But let me address a few more things about the 6th Experiment before we move on.

Never have so few people, 195 to be exact, made us reach the $10000 goal so fast (5 months), and considering the times we are in that makes it even more insane. That was not even remotely on my map of possibilities when I started this back in March, 2021. But this is what you did, and I can never express my gratitude enough.

Most people have NOT donated the asked 150 SEK (roughly 17 US dollars) that will get you all kinds of versions when the album is done, nope. More common than not are donations ranging from 200 SEK to the almighty 666 SEK (which ALWAYS cracks me up and is a symbolic statement if I ever saw one). On top of that we also have the absolutely ludicrous more rare donations ranging from a 100-300 dollars up to the extremely rare 500-600 dollars (now shit is just getting crazy). And all this is from people all over the goddamn world. When someone from Singapore, f.e, gives a shit about what I do with TPH – consider my mind fucken blown.

Obviously, every single donation helps tremendously and during this past weekend you guys really went nuts. You got us from $8700 to $9100 in like 2 days, for fuck’s sake! Then we all of a sudden reached $9200 and I unexpectedly had to travel to Holy Shitville.

Yesterday (the last day of my goddamn vacation even!) as I went to bed, PayPal notified me of a payment that read:

“Your music has inspired me so much over the years, let’s finish the 6th TPH experiment!”

And that donation was a THOUSAND. MUTHAFUCKEN. DOLLARS!

I don’t even know what to say, to be honest, but with that we not only met the goal for the 6th TPH DONATION EXPERIMENT – you made us crush it! Everyone is paid, or are about to be paid, in full and album 14 will now start to get mixed with the mighty Dan Swanö of Unisound. This part of the process will absolutely not be rushed and right now I can’t say exactly when you will have it in your digital hands, but (hopefully) within a couple of months sounds reasonable to me. We’ll see how soon I will get everything from Swanö to start messing around with, coz fuck knows he’s got his work cut out for him this time around, the poor bastard. Oh my fuuuuck how I long to hear what we have accomplished with a production courtesy of Dan that will make everything truly come alive. It will be absolutely glorious!

If you didn’t participate in the 6th Experiment but would like to pre-order your digital copies so you can have them on the day of release (formats: CD MIX (MP3), CD MIX (FLAC), HDR MASTER 44,1 24 BIT (FLAC) and HDR MASTER (INSTRUMENTAL FLAC) feel free to throw 150 SEK through PayPal to Or you can just steal it from the Internetz when it’s leaked. Whatever you think is the right thing to do, you know.

Last off I have given you “S.V.I.T.E.O.D” as a hint for what the title will be when it comes to our 14th album. I think it’s about fucken time you get to find out what it stands for, as a small “thank you!”. The clip you are about to hear (you have to go to our Facebook page for this treat) is taken from my own Cubase sessions that I work with at home and is obviously NOT representative of the production Dan Swanö will unbless the album with.

In due time you will also get to see the monstrous cover that Seiya of Ogino Design has cooked up for us. It’s something to behold, for sure.

And yes, it will be yet another 6 track, close to 80 minute absolute behemoth of an album. That I promise you.

Keep an eye on our social media pages coz I might check in every now and then during the mixing process that should start in a week or so, depending on Mr. Swanö’s busy schedule.

Until then, all I can say is: THANK YOU!

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