TPH Donation Experiment 5 update and more!


Yet another wall of text incoming! Bare with me as I rather keep these posts here at our official site and our Facebook page lengthy and the less informative, but still awesome, posts for Instagram. You know the drill by now.

So, here we go!

Nope, we haven’t reached the halfway mark of the $10000 goal needed to complete our 13th goddamned album just yet, but we’re getting closer to it as we are at exactly $4538,47! And 121 Haters are responsible for this. Thank you so much!

As said earlier, the past 4 Experiments have taken some 4-6 months to complete so I guess we’re pretty much in line with that, even though it feels like this time around it’s going slower than ever. We can’t let that stop the creativity though, now can we? Should we?


I have decided to start paying the people involved with the money we have so far so we won’t delay the process more than necessary. This means that Mr. Sandström has now begun to record his championship grunts for our planned 13th album! Trust me when I say it’s a breath of fresh air to hear J‘s thunderous roars on the material instead of my mock up shrieks that I’ve heard for some 6 months or so now. As always, he is outdoing himself. The first song is done vocal wise and it sounds absolutely vicious!


I’m so satisfied with what is being created and to say it’ll be just as dominating as “Death Ritual Covenant” is to put it mildly. This will destroy everything. Again. Goddamn.

As Mr. Sandström is now in full FTW mode, the plans are to have Ms. Asp complete her magic during the summer as well as having Mr. Verbeuren lay down his second-to-none drums starting in August-ish. I’m also waiting for Mr. Lars Johansson to come to The Dungeon and do his solos during the summer months. I’m sure a few invited guests will hand over their stuff as well as we go along… I always planned to spend at least the whole of 2019 with this beast, so…

That’s where we are at!

In the meantime I am working my ass off doing the insane amount of orchestrations and electronic stuff as well as working guitar and bass details each and every day to make sure this album exceeds everything I thought was possible. And by the sound of it, we’re doing just that.

But as said, we can’t finish this recording until the monetary target is completely met. So basically, I’ll use the money that comes in to make sure people get paid and can do their stuff little by little. Sure, this is taking a chance, but hey…. Our 13th album will be finalized when the target is reached. Simple as that. It is what it is. We’ll get there… eventually. It has to.

This obviously means that I truly need your help once again with spreading the word about the 5th TPH DONATION EXPERIMENT.

And this is the link you need for all necessary information.

So… let’s wrap this up for now, shall we?

Thanx to all of you who have helped us come almost halfway to the $10000 goal in a couple of months. It’s humbling that you give a fuck and it drives me forward each and every day to create something spectacular once again.

Last off, the anniversary shirts are coming. The last few tweaks of the design are being taken care of as we speak and I can’t wait to share this limited edition print with you guys.

There we go! Wall of text done.

You guys and gals take good care now and we’ll talk again as soon as I have something of value to report, ok?


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