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You haven’t bought “TCRA” yet?

TPHThen I suggest you do so coz this masterpiece is beyond anything we have ever done. Just click this link and gather all the information you need as for how to order it. I can tell you that I have already started to play around with ideas for the next album, a lot of this is thanx to the fabulous Toontrack who decided to endorse me some time back. To have all this new equipment to work with is a joy, to say the least. I go about as usual, record drum patterns and riffs that will eventually make it into real songs when the time comes. But we just released “TCRA” so safe to say – it’ll be a while until you hear another album. It’s great to have started putting together ideas though.

We’ll see if we fire up some merch along the way, in the meantime you can order one of these.

I wanna thank everyone who have bought the new album and let you know that I appreciate your support so much.

Kill Judas.

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Huge video interview (in Swedish) with K.

4In case you dig the sound of the Swedish language, visited K some months back and conducted a lengthy interview with him that covers a lot of stuff. It’s divided into three parts and you can watch them here:

Part 1, part 2 and part 3.

If you haven’t yet heard the masterpiece entitled “The cadaverous retaliation agenda” – this is how you order it from us. And don’t forget you can still order a hoodie or a shirt if you wanna support us. More news as we go along.

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Last chance to order a “TCRA” hoodie!

Hoodie front












Hoodie back

Yep, these beauties won’t be printed again so if you want one, this is your last chance. All the info you need as for how to order is found in this very link. Make sure to buy one so our webmaster/graphics guru Marko can make himself a few bucks and buy beer for everyone the next time he’s in the pub (which is never). In the same link you have info if you for some reason hate zipped hooded jackets and just want a t-shirt instead. So, click the link and do your duty as Hater.

Also, get “TCRA” from us legally and support what we do.

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Just got offered to release “TCRA” on CD.

The Cadaverous Retaliation AgendaAnd I could have made a little money off it too. But I said no. It’s not about making money in every way possible. As I have said before, “TCRA” was recorded for the Haters who brought it to life. For the ones who donated to the cause of bringing it into existence. For the ones who buy it today.

As you all know, Judas and his disgusting cohorts came along and leaked it all over the Internet a few weeks after it was completed, like we expected. And you all know my stance on this bullshit and the illegal downloading issue. Some absolutely retarded kids find it amusing to enter our Facebook page and post links to where people can download the album illegally instead of paying 15 Euros for this piece of art, not understanding that it’s quite pointless to do so. It takes a second to ban said retard and delete the post. If people wanna steal the album I am sure they’ll find it by themselves. Your “help” is not needed. “TCRA” is not for you, you’re not one of us. You are scum, and as scum you will be treated.

Zero tolerance. No compromise. Kill’em all.

If you wanna support what we do, just buy the album from us. Or live your life as part of The Judas Agenda.

Haters: “TCRA” is yours, not theirs. I salute you who understand this. You fuel The Hate.

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“TCRA” nominated for best…

… symphonic metal album?

“Dear Members of  The Project Hate MCMXCIX,         
Every year, our webzine, in partnership with Metal Sympho Association, organizes a special vote to reward the best symphonic metal bands of the year: the MS Awards.
For the 2013 edition, we are pleased to inform you that your band is nominated in the Best Album category, for your album “The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda”. Please find down there:

the link to the news on our webzine.

and the link to the vote page.
Please share the word with your fans, and stay symphonic!
Your faithfully.
Iras-Algor, member of the Metal Sympho Team”

Well, yeah. Though I believe we’re completely wrong in that category (and hey, we’re not alone to think this considering some of the other bands, I guess) , fuck it – it’s cool they give a shit and give “TCRA” attention. Go and vote, we sure wanna win a “symphonic metal album” category, haha… Us and Nightwish, people. Us and Nightwish. The madness is glorious.

Oh, and the site is from France?! What’s the world coming to? Where’s Tiphany?!?!

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